House of the dragon, the trailer for the spin-off of Game of Thrones and all the curiosities about the series

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The throne of swords rises from its ashes thanks to the first of the official spin-offs, House of the dragon, arriving in 2022 on Sky and NOW, and of which some details are starting to leak. After three cast images, the trailer for this tale set 300 years before the parent series has just been shared.

The story runs through the House of Targaryen and is based on the novel Fire and blood (Mondadori) by George RR Martin, who returns as executive producer (the showrunners of the parent series, however, have disassociated themselves from the project), although his involvement in the writing phase has not been disclosed.

The all-star cast has been partially unveiled and is led by Matt Smith, who in the meantime we will see on November 4th in theaters with Last night in Soho: he is the voiceover of the trailer. The former Doctor Who plays the role of Prince Daemon Targaryen, younger brother of King Viserys, and a brave knight of the dragons. The ruler’s eldest daughter is Princess Rhaenyra, to whom he lends his face Emma D’Arcy (as a child she is Milly Alcock), who has a relationship with his uncle. Another equally ancient and respected house in the kingdom is that of the Velaryons, whose most famous warrior (The Sea Snake) is Lord Corlys, played by Steve Toussaint.

To get an idea, this Valyrian personality is richer than the Lannisters and claims to have the largest fleet in existence. The Hand of the King è Otto Hightower (born Rhys Ifans), convinced that his brother Daemon is the greatest threat to the stability of the kingdom. His daughter Alicent (Olivia Cooke) is the most courted woman of the Seven Kingdoms, raised in the Red Keep, the elite circle closest to the ruler.

The first news

Even without a precise release date, it is already known that the prequel episodes are 10, always branded HBO Max and lasting around an hour. “Gods, Kings, Fire and Blood”: Matt Smith’s thunderous voice introduces these trailer images reiterating that power lies in the lineage of dragons. One of the most terrifying and awaited moments is the one that reveals the throne, this time surrounded by swords that rise from the ground and surround the object of desire-icon of the events already known.

This teaser of just one and a half minutes in less than 24 hours has touched the 6 and a half million views. The shooting, which took place last April, came two years after the finale of Game of Thrones and suggests a wait of a few months even before seeing the light on the small screen.

Fans are hoping this project does not end up in oblivion like Bloodmoon with Naomi Watts, the first prequel of the saga canceled before it even aired.

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