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How did he really die? Coroners reveal the cause of death of Anne Heche

For several days we have been talking about the American actress Anne Heche, who was hospitalized in serious condition in Los Angeles, California, after suffering an accident. When she arrived at the hospital she was declared dead by the doctors, so on August 12, her family made the difficult and dramatic decision to remove the support that kept her alive, but how did she really die?

On August 5, Anne’s car crashed into a Los Angeles home at high speed and burst into flames. The news went around the world, putting millions of fans who have seen and appreciated her in numerous series and movies.

Anne Heche

In recent days there has been much talk about the cause of the accident and what led Anne to crash into a house in Los Angeles, so much so that many believed that the actress may have consumed alcohol or drugs before driving.

A few hours after the accident, US media reported that preliminary tests had come back positive for drugs, which led to a police investigation for the serious crime of driving under the influence of substances.

Anne Heche accident

As reported by the TMZ portal, citing unidentified police sources, Anne tested positive for cocaine and fentanyl. However, the Los Angeles police reported that the investigations and the presentation of charges would be interrupted if the actress was legally declared dead.

Almost a week after her death, the causes of the actress’s death have been revealed. On August 17, Anne’s death was officially declared accidental.

Anne Heche accident

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner in charge of the autopsy ruled that Anne Heche, 53, died of smoke inhalation, burn injuries and a fracture of the sternum due to blunt trauma.

After the accident, the actress suffered a severe anoxic brain injury that deprived her brain of oxygen. Due to this injury, Anne was declared brain dead, so her family made the decision to disconnect her from life support and donate her organs at her will.

Anne Heche

Anne Heche participated in a large number of films, including six days and seven nights, volcano Y Brasco. In addition, she was known for her role in the telenovela another worldwhich earned him a Daytime Emmy Award, in 1991. In the 1990s, he had a high-profile relationship with host Ellen DeGeneres.

Source: Okchicas

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