How does the house transform if he / she comes to live with you

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Come live with me, you know how many things we could do… Luca Carboni sang this way in 1987, but – let’s face it – it is not certain that coexistence is all roses and flowers, especially at the beginning.

Moving in together is an important step. Often everything happens without realizing it: first a toothbrush left in your partner’s house, then pajamas and slippers and finally, almost without thinking about it, you find yourself share the first apartment together.

The adventure of the domestic partnership it will certainly not be without its pitfalls: finding yourself catapulted into a new home also means having to smooth their corners and submit to new rules for a quiet life. To the relational complications are then added a whole series of practical decisions: from furnishings to economic expenses.

Of course there is the enthusiasm of the new adventure together, love in its maximum splendor, the desire to build and finally be independent. But there are also problems, doubts, insecurities.

Not to mention that, especially for those used to living alone, start a coexistence it means dealing with one more person who goes around the house, who needs his space, who has his needs and habits (perhaps different from ours) and also his preferences in terms of furniture and design.

How, then, to ensure that coexistence does not turn out to be bankrupt immediately or after a while?

Whether small or large, the house must adapt to the needs of both: a space to work and concentrate? A reading corner for relaxing moments? A gym area to train? A comfortable bathroom for romantic couple rituals? Everything must be thought out, designed, adapted so that everyone can live at their best in the four walls. And so that there is no lack of spaces for sharing: a convenience two seater sofa to look at the together TV series, a bathroom area with two sinks – even small ones – a sufficiently large wardrobe so as not to have to fight shelves and drawers …

All this, albeit trivial, will help to foster a serene atmosphere at home because everyone will be able to dedicate themselves to themselves but also to the couple. The new home must therefore be the result of shared choices and express the personality of both. Does your favorite armchair match perfectly with your designer lamp? There you have it, a perfect synthesis of your passions and hers in the same room.

Furnishing requires good training and a lot of practice. Do not despair if the result does not satisfy you immediately, take your time and things will improve. After all, this is precisely one of the best aspects of living together: carving out time to do things together, including furnishing the new home.

We will help you with some perfect design ideas for a couple’s home. You can find them below.

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