How many months is he? Maite Perroni wears her ‘baby bump’ with Dulce María and Anahí

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On Three Kings Day, the actress and singer Maite Perroni gave us the beautiful news that she and her husband, the producer Andrés Tovar, were expecting their first child and although we do not know how long she is pregnant, recently, in a photograph we can see that she may be in her sixth month of pregnancy.

Through Anahí’s Instagram account, the singer appears carrying her son next to Dulce María, who also has her daughter in her arms, and Maite, who shows off her belly. Although she has not shared a photo in which she shows how she looks pregnant, with Anahí’s postcard, we notice that she looks beautiful.

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Dulce María Anahí and Maite with their children

What is forever never goes away. It transforms, grows and becomes invincible… Today we are much stronger. Today nothing stops us! Today we are one. I love them with my heart.

So far, Maite has not declared how many months pregnant she is. However, Dulce María gave some signs that would clarify the mystery for us, because during her appearance on the morning show Todayaffirmed that she finished recording a novel in approximately April and Maite would have her baby around the same dates.

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Maite perroni with black dress

According to Dulce María’s statement, it could be said that Maite is in the second trimester of pregnancy and this leaves us a little thoughtful, since just in December, the actress and her husband assured the media that they had already written to her to the stork and Santa Claus so that this year they had their first baby. And boy was it very effective!

It is likely that at that time they already had suspicions and that they still did not want to announce it until they verified that everything was going well, but several media outlets have speculated that the singer was already pregnant when she got married, not only because of Dulce María’s statements, but also by another photograph filtered in networks by @chamonic, where we see Maite with her apparently very bulging belly. In addition, users claim that she appears to be six or seven months pregnant.

Maite shows pregnancy belly

However, the actress dark desire He has not given any statement. Even if these speculations are true, what is a fact is that she looks beautiful and very happy!

Source: Okchicas

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