How much to drink? 1.12

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How much to drink – this application will help to determine how much to drink, as well as the degree of intoxication and the time of alcohol withdrawal from the body. The application is made in the Material design style.

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The application has the following operating modes:

1. How much to drink?

  • Calculate your individual dose of Algogol before going to a visit or to a party.
  • Give answers to all questions and you will receive the dose that is designed just for you!
  • Enjoy the party without headaches.
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2. Time calculator of alcohol withdrawal from the body

  • Keeping track of up to 10 drinks.
  • The degree of intoxication.
  • The amount of alcohol in the blood and breath.
  • The time for the complete withdrawal of alcohol or up to 0.3 ppm.
  • Minimum, average and maximum alcohol withdrawal time.
  • For the calculation, the Widmark formula and others are used.


  • The calculation results may differ from the readings of the breathalyzer.
  • The developers of the program do not bear any responsibility for the results of calculations and their consequences.
  • Do not drink while driving!
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