How PEC is being presented is disturbing, says economist

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In an interview with CNN this Monday (21), the economist at ASA Investments Jeferson Bittencourt stated that the way in which the PEC for the Burst is being presented is “disturbing”, since it does not provide details on long-term solvency.

“If we have a waiver [licença para gastar] 4 years, I bet there will be no discussion of the fiscal framework, as the open space is so large that the government lives its entire term. It is disturbing the way this PEC is being presented”.

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According to the economist, another point that raises concern is the lack of the name that will command the Ministry of Economy in the future government. “Everything is being discussed without knowing who the minister is. It’s hard to have a discussion without knowing those who will be managing the budget constraint,” he said.

discussion in politics

Political scientist Rafael Cortez also participated in the interview. According to him, the articulations for the presidency of the legislative houses occur in parallel with the discussions of the PEC.

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“This more “docile” behavior, let’s say, on the part of Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG) with the PEC thesis has a lot to do with the strategy he will design and, probably, he will achieve re-election for Senate presidency. In the Chamber, this game is a little more complicated, since part of this expansion of the allied base involves the inclusion of União Brasil, a party that, in turn, has already signaled that it may eventually launch a candidate to compete with Arthur Lira (PP-AL )”, he explains.

Watch the full interview in the video above.

*Published by Pedro Zanatta, from CNN Brasil Business.

Source: CNN Brasil

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