How SMEs will benefit from the Recovery and Sustainability Fund

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Guided by the support of Small and Medium Enterprises, the Business Banking Customer Sector of the National Bank, organized an online event on October 20 with the theme: “Supporting the growth perspective of Small and Medium Enterprises”. During the event, the service framework ETHNIKI 2.0 was presented, as well as the opportunities that emerge from the Fund for Recovery & Sustainability (TAA) for entrepreneurship.

The aim of the event was to present in detail the National Recovery and Reconstruction Plan, as well as the way in which small and medium-sized enterprises can benefit from the Fund’s subsidy and financing programs.

The event was greeted by Ms. Christina Theofilidi, General Manager of Retail Banking, who stressed the commitment of the National Bank to stand by the business world, as it has always done in its long course. Specially for the absorption of the resources of the Recovery Fund, the Bank created ETHNIKI 2.0, a framework of support and guidance to meet the needs of a company that seeks to maximize the benefits of the Fund’s programs. At the same time, it is developing its own “National” strategy for the development of Small and Medium Enterprises, which are a priority for the Bank.

Ms. Tzesi Voumvaki, Deputy Chief Economist of the National Bank, presented the design of the Fund and its importance for small and medium enterprises, given the investment gap (investments as% of GDP) observed in our country compared to the European average, but and the information gap presented by these companies, despite their interest in investing. After liquidity support, which has been an effective safety net ensuring the survival of businesses during the pandemic, the bet is now to substantially strengthen their competitiveness. In this regard, the Fund’s resources are a unique opportunity, as they unlock significant momentum in a wide range of sectors of the economy, focusing on the energy, IT, industry, tourism and construction sectors. The key to the success of the project is the willingness of companies to take advantage of the opportunities presented, with the first signs to be optimistic.

Mr. Konstantinos Kanavos, Head of Business Banking Customer Sector, focused on the critical points for the utilization of the Fund’s resources, developing the possibilities of financing investment projects through subsidies and loans per sector of activity.

Furthermore, he presented the special tools of the ETHNIKI 2.0 support framework that aim to guide the customer based on the eligibility criteria and other specifications of the program and stressed the important role of the Business Banking personal advisors of the National Bank branch network to support business plans. of customers.

Special mention was also made of the products and services offered by the National Bank to Small and Medium Enterprises, which range from liquidity support programs to fixed assets financing and from trading products for daily business transactions to specialized financial products.

More about the ETHNIKI 2.0 service framework as well as an expression of interest form here.


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