How the ‘brain drain’ affects prospects for the future of science in Brazil

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The reduction in investments in science and research is an obstacle to the performance of highly qualified professionals in the country. Faced with a situation of worsening resources and conditions to work in Brazil, leading researchers have gone in search of better opportunities abroad.

The phenomenon known as “brain drain” is not exactly unheard of in Brazil or in developing countries, but it has worsened in recent years. Despite the so-called academic mobility, which helps researchers to have contact with different lines of study, being important for the professional evolution of scientists, leaving the country with no prospects of return signals a concern for the future of Brazilian science.

In this episode of Entre Vozes, Luciana Barreto presents the story of Ruth and Victor Nussenzweig, a couple who traveled the world doing science and had the well-deserved recognition of their work abroad.

Next, biologist Cristina Caldas, director of the Serrapilheira Institute, and physicist Glaucius Oliva, coordinator of a research center at Fapesp, describe the challenges and the paths for researchers who left the country to be encouraged to return to Brazil one day. .

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