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How to change the font in Android: on Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung and more

Quite often, users suffer with their smartphones due to fonts that are too small or uncomfortable, making it difficult to read texts, messages, or even app names on the screen. Of course, there is no problem in this – you can increase the font size in the system settings, and the font, which seems inconvenient for everyday use, changes in just a couple of minutes. And this does not require special skills, experience or knowledge of how to get root rights – everything is much simpler.

How to change the font to Xiaomi

Thanks to the theme market built into MIUI, changing the system font takes literally thirty seconds, of which half is spent choosing what you like the most:

  • go to “Settings”;
  • select “Screen”;
  • open the “Font” item;
  • choose the appropriate font;
  • in the demo menu, click on the “Free” button.

How to change the font on Samsung

On Samsung smartphones, changing the system font also does not take much time and effort:

  • open “Settings”;
  • go to the “Display” item;
  • select “Fonts” and “Font Style”;
  • find the right font;
  • click Download.

How to change the font to Huawei

Huawei smartphones have a separate application for visual changes, which is also convenient to work with:

  • open the Themes app;
  • go to the “Text Style” section;
  • select the appropriate font from the list of options.

Universal option

If the user has a smartphone from another company or does not want to delve into the system settings, you can use the popular Go Launcher – it also provides a customization function. The process is also extremely simple:

  • open “Launcher Settings” (not to be confused with “Settings”);
  • find the item “Font”;
  • go to the item “Choose a font”;
  • click on the “Search Fonts” button;
  • select the appropriate font from the list.

Beauty and comfort in 1 minute

You should not spoil your nerves and eyesight by using a smartphone with fonts that are difficult to read. It is enough to devote a minute to this issue (on the strength of two) to get a more comfortable operating system for every day.

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