How To Choose A Leather Jacket?

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If it is not really one of the basics of the men’s wardrobe , the leather jacket is nevertheless this kind of piece that can make all the difference on an outfit. Properly selected, the latter can last us for years without batting an eyelid, and although it can represent a sacred investment to purchase, it can be amortized over time, provided that the appropriate care is taken. The offer being surprisingly large for such a special product, it is easy to make a mistake and choose a piece that is certainly beautiful but does not suit us at all. To avoid you falling into the pitfall of “impulse buying” and regretting it afterwards, we suggest that you take a look at the various points together in order to choose your leather jacket as best as possible. Follow the guide !

1. The origin of leather

Did you know ? Leather comes from animals. Eh yes ! Incredible, isn’t it? More seriously, there are a good number of animal sources for leather, which then gives different skins, with their own properties. To put it simply, we will only list the most used here:

– Lambskin: the most used. It is characterized by incomparable flexibility and lightness. Very thin, it can quickly take shape and easily adapts to different body types.

– Cowhide leather: almost as much used as lambskin. It is one of the most resistant leathers. It is worked in different ways, so that its thickness (and its robustness as well as its flexibility) varies. Also, it is often used on winter rooms for its ability to keep warm.

– Sheep leather: very warm and resistant. It is also the one that is used to make the famous woolen skins (we keep the wool of the animal).

– Buffalo leather: unsurprisingly, it is very resistant. It has a thicker grain than other skins and is more rigid.

– Fallow deer: made from the original eponymous animal, the latter is now made from cow, lamb, pork, etc. It corresponds to the inner side of a skin and is more fragile than conventional leather.

– Pig leather: has a more porous surface due to the large amount of hair. It is a hard leather especially intended for the creation of large jackets. But it is also an inexpensive leather, which some do not hesitate to “make up” to give it a smooth appearance. A leather that can make low-end clothes as well as very beautiful things.

Different leathers therefore, with very different properties and rendering. For the sake of additional information, we asked a few questions to Laurent Bézier, one of the founders of Daytona 73 , who will provide us with his expertise throughout the article. Here is what he tells us:

“Choosing a leather jacket requires knowing what to do with it. Because in function, we will tend to turn to this or that skin. Cowhide or buffalo leather, for example, are more leathers intended for making men’s clothing. Very strong and robust, they are also heavy. They are mainly found for making belts, leather goods, shoes, etc. Goatskin is more used for spring or half-season on items such as bomber or small simple jacket. It is often made into velvet because it is flexible. Finally, the softest and lightest leather, both used for making products for men and women, is lambskin. “

2. Check the quality of a leather

No more fooling around, let’s get down to business! Leather being a noble material, the price of a jacket made of this material is necessarily relatively high. It is therefore better to do it twice in order to proceed to the cash register. Several checkpoints can help us to confirm whether the skin we have in front of our eyes is of good quality or not.

It may sound silly said like that, and yet! Here, three of our senses will be very useful to us in order to detect the good leathers of the bad ones: smell, touch and sight. Clearly, good leather “smells of leather”. If there are chemical and / or synthetic notes due to an exaggerated pigmentation and the use of a coating, there will certainly be eel under the rock (as my grandma said): the leather will probably have been made up to camouflage its imperfections. or its provenance (it could even be synthetic!). Personally, and besides the fact that it is my little pleasure (it sounds weird, doesn’t it?), It is an automatism that I perform every time I consider buying a leather piece.

Second sense to come into action: sight. Skin may have imperfections (related to the life of the animal or the way it was cut). While the latter are not necessarily dramatic, they should not be imposing or regular. Also, this means that the leather used was not recovered from the noble parts of the animal. It will therefore be more fragile than another better selected leather.

Last sense, and not the least: touch. However, the exercise should be qualified because it is difficult to reduce the quality of a leather to “thick is good, thin is bad”. The idea is to feel the grain of the leather, in order to know its origin. For example, lambskin has an almost nonexistent grain, while that of pork will be much more grainy. Touching a leather will allow us to gauge its resistance, and therefore to choose the model according to what we want to do with it.

Laurent Bézier of Daytona 73

“The grain is very important. The grain of the leather should not be rectified: this is what gives the leather character and the roughness gives it its authentic side. If the leather or the grain (the grain if you prefer) have been rectified, this implies that the leather is not very good and that we wanted to hide a lot of flaws. Some skins are pigmented to cover them up and this results in an unpleasant touch garment that looks like plastic and is very even. It is clearly less qualitative! Also, if there is a cutout in the middle of the sleeves or a lot of small cutouts here and there on the piece, it means that the skins used are not first choice. “

3. The possible treatments of leather

Obviously, it is not enough to throw an animal skin on the shoulders like Rahan to wear a leather piece. Indeed, the skins undergo a specific treatment which, depending on how they are made, give a very different result. Let’s see them together:

– Dipped leather or aniline: consists of immersing the skin in the bath in order to dye it in the mass. It is exclusively reserved for the most beautiful skin, without imperfections and full grain. If the rendering is sublime, it must be borne in mind that no additional protection is added. The slightest drop of any liquid (including water) will therefore be fatal!

– Corrected or semi-aniline leather: here, the surface layer of the leather is lightly sanded to remove all imperfections. The result is a little less glamorous than an aniline treatment, but receives additional protection after being dyed.

– Drum or grained leather: made on skins with a pronounced grain. This treatment accentuates the latter and works particularly well with bright colors.

– Pigmented leather: several coats of opaque dyes are applied to erase all imperfections. The process makes the leather stronger, more homogeneous and easier to waterproof. It is this type of treatment that undergoes leathers for motorcycle jackets for example.

– Suede and nubuck leather : although they look similar, they are different. Suede leather is obtained by sanding the inner layer of the skin while nubuck is a sanded grain (therefore outer layer).

4. The different styles of leather jackets

The subjects ? Check. The quality of the leather? Check check. The possible finishes? Triple check. After all this, the most obvious to see together is without a doubt the shapes to know. Because yes, there is not one type of leather jacket but several, which will adapt more or less well depending on our style. For the sake of a summary, we are going to list the most relevant and the most present on the market, but know that there are others, it’s up to you to find them!

A. The perfecto

It’s hard to talk about leather jackets without mentioning the one who reigns supreme. It was in 1928 that Irving Schott decided to produce a jacket specially designed for New York bikers. Very quickly, the play met with great success, in part due to the Hollywood movie stars who brought it to the big screen. Shaping the myth around him, it seems that the biker jacket is as easy to wear as a t-shirt and yet the reality is quite different. In truth, it is surely the most complicated leather jacket! And this is mainly due to three very specific details that are specific to it: its crossed zipper, its lapel collar and its short and fitted cut. We will then favor rooms that are also curved to keep a certain consistency in the volumes. That said,

For Men’s Black Retro Cafe Racer Leather Jacket

B. The flight jacket and its variations

Because more than a simple model of leather jacket, the aviator jacket includes many versions, each more interesting than the other. And I’m going to start with the A-1, the older modern version (it’s weird, but you get the idea). Appeared in 1927 in the US Air Force, this jacket is fully buttoned. The collar, but also the cuffs and the hips welcome ribbing, supposed to keep it in place. 4 years later, version A-2 appears this time with a shirt collar and a zip, more practical and faster to close. Its G-1 version, with its welcoming fur collar, is undoubtedly the most famous model today. Finally, the flight jacket, knows several other variants, grouped under the letter B, for bomber. Here, we will mainly find magnificent woolen skins with a well-asserted style.

For Bill Goldberg Harley Davidson Jacket WWE

C. The bomber

I make a small exception for this military jacket because it deserves to be talked about a little more. Called MA-1 in the US Air Force, it is best known for having originally been made of nylon . Today, it is no longer rare to find it in leather, and in particular in turned skins. Recognizable among a thousand, it accommodates slanted pockets as well as ribbed edges at the wrists, collar and hips. Quite close to the A-1, it differs from it by a small well thought out detail: a zipped pocket on the left sleeve. Very versatile, it works in a number of outfits.

For Top Gun Bomber jacket

D. The motorcycle jacket

Attention, a very divisive piece on the way! The motorcycle jacket, with the perfecto, is undoubtedly the most complicated jacket to wear. However, it brings a certain character which, if properly tamed, will give real weight to an outfit. It is recognizable by its short funnel neck, zipped chest pockets and slanted pockets. Very popular in recent years, the poor man has seen his image tarnished by models with weak tailoring and more than questionable style associations. Here, we must keep in mind two points: a very fitted cut as well as a smooth and impeccable leather. It can also be chosen in suede leather, to give it a more authentic feel.

For Men’s Black Roadmaster Leather Jacket For Motorbikers 


E. The others

Okay, I’m in a nice mood, I’ll give you two or three other latest models and then we don’t talk about them any more! First, I would talk about the varsity jacket , which appeared in 1865 on the Harvard campus. The baseball team at the time then decided to put an “H” on their uniform, a flannel shirt . The following century, the latter became a cardigan and then in the 1930s became the jacket we know. Today, it is no longer intended only for university athletes and sometimes dresses its sleeves in leather. We could also cite trucker jackets , sometimes leaving their favorite denim for a nice piece of leather. Finally, I would cite a global style, the shearling, which includes all woolen skins. Very expensive, these pieces are often exceptional models.

For Harley Davidson And Marlboro Man Leather Jacket

To go further, we asked Julien, E-commerce Director of La Canadienne , a specialist in leather clothing, what were the three models of men’s jackets to know:

“For men, the most sought-after style is the aviator jacket, also known as the pilot jacket. Often defined as warm leather due to its padded interior lining, the bomber jacket has become a must-havefor the male wardrobe, as is the perfecto. Also, the real bomber jacket has a collar made from real sheep wool, which can be natural or colored. Models with patches work very well for men. Then the sheep bomber is a very big winter sale in humans too. In two words: there is no warmer garment than a woolen skin (outer sheepskin, inner wool sheep), and the bomber is part of this family of clothing. The outer skin is robust (sheep), and the interior is made entirely of wool. The cool side is the patina that settles on the outer skin over the years. This garment will follow us for many, many years. Today it is popular with all generations. It’s really THE adventure style, character par excellence. “

5. Where can I find it?

A. Entry level

Since the raw material is high base, we are talking here about leather jackets already worth their weight in gold. When you want to buy a piece of this type, you have to keep in mind that you will have to spend a few hundred euros anyway if you want to acquire a jacket worthy of the name. In this category, we therefore group together the first accessible quality leathers, made from correct skins and which can last a few years. Despite some nice surprises, the patinas will not be exceptional and sometimes exaggerated to camouflage the banal aspect of the leather.

  • Bexley
  • forlife.
  • Marty and gus
  • Massimo Dutti
  • Oakwood

B. Mid-range

Here, we find the bulk of the offer of leather jackets for men. In fact, the latter is quite large and covers parts ranging from € 300 to € 800. There are the big names in leather jackets as well as slightly more confidential and / or recent brands. Full grain leather, quality patina and pretty details, everything is done to offer a very good piece that can wear a patina over the ports without flinching.

  • Allsaints
  • Chevignon
  • Daytona 73
  • The Canadian
  • Pofineur
  • Redskins
  • Serge Pariente
  • Schott
  • Wind covered

C. High end

We end with this third section which touches the angels. Brands starting at € 800 minimum, some are talking about European clothing. Exceptional leather, high-end finishes and perfect style, hard to beat here! Exceptional models that inevitably have a cost.

  • Aeroleather
  • Aeronautica Militare
  • Atelier Bertrand
  • Belstaff
  • Falcon Garnments
  • The Real McCoy’s
  • Werner Christ

Womens Red Southside Serpents Leather Jacket

Southside Serpents:

The Southside Serpents are a gang feared by the town of Riverdale . The gang is based in the Southside , and fortunately for the inhabitants of the Northside , since they consider them very dangerous. FP Jones , Jughead’s father , leads the gang until he cedes his title to his son. The Serpents’ landmark was the Whyte Wyrm , a bar south of town. But it was bought by Hiram Lodge .
The band members are recognizable by their tattoo and black leather jacket with their iconic logo sewn onto it. There are some differences in the jackets although they are mostly all the same, the leaders have a two-headed snake, the others a one-headed snake and Cheryl Blossom has a red jacket.

The gang members also know the 5 rules of the Southside Serpents by heart. Before entering the group, they must be initiated and undergo several tests. The Southside Serpents are enemies of the Ghoulies . The Ghoulies are a sadistic, cannibalistic gang, and especially unlike the Serpents, the Ghoulies are high ranking criminals and have no ethics, proof that the Ghoulies obeyed Hiram Lodge to kill Jughead.

As he celebrates 60 years of the first Serpents reunion, FP decides to step down from his role as gang leader and cedes his title of “King of the Serpents” to his son, Jughead. [1]

Thanks to Gladys Jones , Kurtz and some of his group of Gargoyles join the Serpents, but, they steal high school and Jughead tidies up. He will make with the sheriff FP Jones of the Serpents people who enforce the law and in return they will be paid and have funding for their studies. Kurtz refuses and leaves the Serpents. Jughead makes the old Gargoyle headquarters the new Serpents’ HQ.

After Jughead left town, shortly after FP Jones, Toni reformed the Serpents and bought out The Good Night to make him the new Whyte Wyrm . She becomes the new queen and has Sweet Pea, Fangs and Kevin as core members.

Riverdale has been one of the pinnacle famous TV collection on Netflix in recent times and is clearly breaking the recognition charts and people who watch it are privy to the Southside Serpents gang. For the ones girls who’re clearly stimulated through the Cheryl Blossom man or woman withinside the TV collection and need to delight their choice of turning into a Southside Serpent member, now introducing the badass women red Southside Serpents leather jacket.

The biker fashion red leather-based jacket for girls isn’t only a style declaration for Riverdale enthusiasts however is likewise a need to if they may be taking part in a Riverdale cosplay with the Cheryl Blossom man or woman. The Cheryl Blossom red Southside Serpent jacket that we provide is to be had in each PU (Faux) leather-based and actual leather-based. From inside, the girl’s southside serpent jacket functions viscose lining for additonal comfort. Moreover, the women red leather-based jacket functions a Southside Serpents brand patch at the back, supplying it with an elegant look.

The red leather-based serpent jacket has a lapel fashion collar, moreover, the the front closure is of asymmetrical fashion with zip closure. For preserving things, this Riverdale red Southside Serpents leather-based jacket functions a unmarried zipped chest pocket and a couple of zipped hand pockets. Order this women’s red southside serpents leather-based jacket on sale now from and keep huge greenbacks to your purchase.


  • TV Series: Riverdale
  • Character: Cheryl Blossom
  • Color: Red
  • Outfit Type: Women’s Motorcycle Club Leather Jacket
  • Outer Material: Faux Leather – Sheepskin Leather
  • Inner Material:  Soft Viscose Lining
  • Front Closure: Asymmetrical Style Zip Closure
  • Collar: Lapel Style Collar
  • Pockets: 2 Hand Zipper Pockets – 1 Chest Zipper Pockets

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