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How to make your new Apple Watch unique

How to make your new Apple Watch unique

No one will ever have a Apple Watch 7 same as yours. What makes it different from all other smartwatches is its ability to truly become a personal device, unique and unrepeatable. Much of the credit goes to yours complications, that is, to each of those additional features present in a watch in addition to the time display. One example above all is the size of letters and numbers. Before even connecting it to the iPhone, Apple Watch offers the possibility of format the font –With or without bold– and to decide the font size you want to use. So, just to start.

From an aesthetic point of view, the new Apple Watch 7 brings with it 5 new exclusive colors: Midnight, Starlight, Green, Blue, e (PRODUCT)RED. The Midnight case appears to touch black, but up close it is a very deep blue. Starlight is a soft, almost neutral color, halfway between gold and silver. Green is a very dark green, while Blue acquires a brighter hue. Finally, comes the Apple Watch (PRODUCT)RED an even warmer red whose (RED) logo is engraved on the rear crystal. A portion of the sales of this color will go to finance Covid relief programs until the end of 2021.

Remaining on aesthetics, as in a fashion collection, the new shades of the cases are joined by the new colors of the bracelets: from the London smoke of the Milanese Loop, to the viola of Solo Loop, to move on to the warm combinations of Sport Loop, to the darks of Leather Link and the new blues of Braided Solo Loop. To these is added the capsule collection from Hermes with 5 new straps. One more sophisticated than the other. There are three new straps available for theApple Watch Nike: Magic Ember / Crimson Bliss, Midnight Navy / Mystic Navy and Olive Gray / Cargo Khaki. Among other things, despite having brought the size of the case in the small and large version, respectively to 41 and 45 millimeters, Apple has maintained the compatibility of the 7 series with the 6 series straps.

Remembering that the clock also serves to indicate the time, Apple Watch 7 presents four new dials all to be customized in colors, backgrounds and complications. We start from the new Portraits dial. Each portrait mode shot, present in the iPhone gallery, is cropped to highlight the person within the display. The shot fits the screen and complements the time. This is available in three font different (classic, modern and rounded) and you can select up to 24 photos. Each time you lift your wrist or tap the screen, a new portrait will appear. Finally, by turning the crown, it is possible to enlarge or narrow the subject inside the dial. In addition to the picture and the time it is possible integrate a complication among the 42 present.

Along with the Portraits watch face, there are others on the Apple Watch 7 three new dials customizable. Side, for example, it has a design inspired by the passage of time. So much so that the body of the hours changes throughout the day. In addition to changing the colors of the digits and the background, you can enter two complications: one at the top and the other at the bottom. From the date, to the lunar system, passing through a stock market title to the telephone number of one’s love.

Modular two it is the quadrant that collects more information at the same time. Includes digital time and up to three complications. Two of these have a large rectangular space available. This allows you to read more details of the chosen complications. Also in this case, the color of the writing has a thousand variables.

In the end World Hours: is the dial dedicated to enthusiasts who like to keep an eye on the time in all 24 time zones; at the same time. The positions along the outer dial represent the different time zones while the inner dial shows the current time at each location. The icons of the sun and the moon represent the sunrise and sunset where the wearer of the Apple Watch 7 is. While the light and dark areas reflect the night and day that move on the earth.

Just put on Apple Watch 7 and look at the time to see how much it has changed. The display is visibly larger and brighter, even at rest. An extra millimeter in the diagonal and a 40 percent reduced frame left the display retina-on an area of ​​almost 20 percent more than the previous one.

In 41 or 45 mm version, then, the thickness of the front crystal doubles to better resist blows, while the reload time is reduced by a third. In case of a very low battery, they are enough 8 minutes to extend the battery life by an additional 8 hours. He also measures the oxygen in the blood, makes a perfect ECG on demand and also monitors sleep. Not to mention the dozens of workouts. Many functions ready to satisfy your every single aesthetic or functional need!




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