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How to pay in installments on Amazon: all methods

Know as pay in installments on Amazon it is a theme that should not be underestimated for many reasons and, above all, to be known better. In fact, in addition to discounted shopping marathons such as Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Prime Day, the world’s best known and most visited e-commerce is a continuous source of ideas and purchases. From tech products, always in vogue, to consumer items, such as those dedicated to the world of household cleaning, up to furnishing elements and beauty choices.

Many options which, thanks also to the Amazon Prime subscription (which can also be subscribed for free for the 30-day trial period only), can be purchased with a couple of clicks and delivered to your home, or wherever you prefer, very quickly, sometimes less than 24 hours. Precisely for this reason it could happen that you want to buy a product with a significant price, such as a maxi appliance or a sofa, but also taking advantage of the cyclical offers on the site.

Who can pay in installments on Amazon

In addition to having an Amazon account, whether it’s Prime or not, to pay in installments you need to meet some requirements. For example, you must live in Italy, have an active account for at least one year and linked to a valid credit or debit card. In this case, prepaid cards, such as the postepay, however, they will not be accepted in order not to risk running into the lack of coverage of the amounts.

How to install purchases on Amazon

In order to proceed to installment of a product present and purchased on Amazon it is good to pay close attention to the product details. Here, as well as the characteristics of the object of interest. in fact, it will be possible to see if there is the possibility of paying the total amount in installments, whether this is discounted or not.

The system will then allow you to select the number of installments, which can be 5 or 12, every 30 days and without the addition of interest or charges. The total amount can then be paid at any time and, possibly, future installments can also be paid in advance. To carry out this step you must be logged in dedicated page where, in addition to seeing the status of the installments, it will be possible to close the process.

Obviously it will be possible to go back to this page and keep track of the installments also from the order history and by selecting the object in question.

What items can be paid for in installments

The quantity of items on Amazon is impossible to quantify, but the system does not allow the purchase of any product to be paid in installments. The possibility of paying the divided total, in fact, only concerns new products and new and refurbished Amazon devices as well as those where the ad hoc option to subscribe appears 5 or 12 monthly installments.

One thing to know, however, is that e-commerce does not allow you to buy multiple products for each category in installments. It will be possible to proceed only when the total amount has been paid or the installment process concluded.

All methods to pay in installments on Amazon

In addition to the internal system that allows the installment payment by Amazon, there are other tools that allow you to pay off the total purchases by paying the amount in installments. In this case, however, the cost of the object is not divided, but the total of the cart without distinction of amount or object purchased.

Among the services that offer this option are:

  • Cofidis: a real loan that can be requested directly from the Amazon website. In this case, however, you will have to wait for approval from the credit institution which could also refuse the installment payment. In this case, the installment will be debited from the current account of which the IBAN was indicated at the time of the loan request. To select this option it is necessary to use ‘CreditLine’ as a payment method during the purchase process;
  • PayPal: those who use this payment method, totally free and which allows you to make secure and protected transactions, can take advantage of the installment option. Totally free and applicable not only to Amazon purchases, but also goods and services. In this case, the monthly installment will be charged to the credit card linked to the credit card or current account with IBAN;
  • Klarna and Scalapay: these two types of installments, just like Paypal, allow you to divide the amount to be paid into three installments to be paid every 30 days. These services, unlike the previous ones, rely on credit cards and debit cards.

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