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How to prepare the Grinch Mimosa, the perfect cocktail to sip during the holidays

Christmas is synonymous with joy, happiness and fun; what better way to celebrate then than with a toast with friends? However, just any cocktail is not enough, to celebrate Christmas you need the perfect drink. How about preparing a Grinch Mimosa?

The Grinch Mimosa is the hottest cocktail on TikTok right now, not only because it’s colorful (green, of course) and festive, but also because it’s good. As you can easily deduce from the name, the Grinch Mimosa tastes like a slightly sweeter version of a traditional mimosa.

The social platform TikTok is chock full of exciting ideas, especially when it comes to food. For no other reason does the hashtag # existfoodtok: A delightful little corner of the internet is where you can find fun and imaginative recipes. The best part? They are all extremely easy to make.

For example, to prepare a Grinch Mimosa, you only need three ingredients; all quite common and easy to find. Having said that, then, if you like the idea of ​​serving your guests a drink designed specifically for Christmas, here’s how to prepare the Grinch Mimosa following the TikTok recipe.

INGREDIANTS: a bottle of orange juice, a bottle of Blue Curaçao, a bottle of champagne

PROCEDURE: Start by pouring one scoop of orange juice and one of Blue Curaçao into the shaker. Shake well, you will notice the mixture change color and become a bright green. Pour the liquid just obtained into a cocktail glass and complete the drink with a measuring cup of champagne.

You have thus prepared a fresh, sparkling, tasty and neon green drink that even your most difficult guest will approve with flying colors.

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If you want your Grinch Mimosa to be even more festive, you can let your creativity run free and decorate the drink however you like. For example, you can choose to use a glass with Christmas designs or serve it with a red straw, with a strawberry stuck on a toothpick (just like a hat) or with a candy cane, red and white striped candy cane.

You can also decorate the glass adding some red sugar on the edges. To do this, simply pour about 4 tablespoons of white or brown granulated sugar onto a saucer, add 2 drops of red gel or liquid food coloring and mix to color all the sugar. On another saucer, pour some water instead. Dip the edges of the glasses into the water and immediately place them in the colored sugar. Pour the drink, being careful not to touch the edges of the glass.

And voila, your Grinch Mimosa is ready to taste!


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