How to work in fashion and become a personal shopper

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For who is it fashion lover, work in that sector it is one of the most beautiful things that can happen: perhaps by deciding the purchases of equally passionate people with a large portfolio. As a consultant who, in addition to professional skills, also offers psychological skills, as well as knowledge of the latest trends. An expert, able to find the right look for his client based on his way of life and his physicality, as well as the occasions in which he will show off garments and accessories chosen together.

If you thought that all you need is a necessary predisposition to good taste and knowledge of the market, you are wrong. There are many skills to develop to become image consultant, a figure able to read the aesthetics of the form and able to interpret and contextualize the image, translating it into tailor-made choices for its client or client. Skills that can be learned with a course.

One of these kicks off in Milan in January at the Milan headquarters of IED. The specialization course for Image Consultant it trains professional figures capable of «guiding the customer through precise style choices aimed at building a coherent and incisive look that knows how to convey confidence and charm, enhancing the figure. Through a personalized styling path, the Image Consultant – or image professional – identifies the lines, colors, make-up, accessories and shapes that can identify and enhance the personality of both women and men. , adapting it to the role, physical characteristics and fashion trends typical of today’s context ». The 5-month course, starting on 12 January (registration closes at the start of the course and if you register by 12.01 there is the possibility to take advantage of a 15% discount), is structured in practical and theoretical lessons and is coordinated by Isabella Ratti, Business Image Expert and author of the book Fashion Marketing: a journey to discover new ways of shopping and the mechanisms of fashion 4.0.

Always in Milan also theIFDA Italian Fashion & Design Academy, proposes the course (Master-Short Course) in Fashion Image Consultant or Image Consultant (or have more technical elements to work as personal shopper). The following description is available on the site: “The image consultant designs and develops a successful personal image for his clients (individuals, image professionals, companies), studying the problems related to the image and finding the solution through different levels of implementation. Image consulting for a company includes the study and solution of any problems that prevent or slow down its success (aspect of the staff, physical environment, business etiquette). The program ranges from the definition, from the careful analysis of the figure and features to the enhancement of the personality, to the affirmation of a style, to the construction of a look ».

There is also the game Polimoda to offer courses in English lasting one month (and the cost of 4,000 euros) with 4 courses (the first starting in March) along 2021 in Fashion Trend Forecasting & Styling, the professional figure capable of “communicating the image of a collection, a show, a digital environment, a shop or a person, identifying the language of today’s aesthetics and shaping the collective imagination of tomorrow “. The course includes an individual interview to assess the potential and possibly further opportunities to continue in this field of study. Participation in this course, we read on the site, is “an excellent initial preparation phase in the world of fashion, a course of study that can continue with the four-year degree course in Fashion Business or with 9 month masters in Fashion Trend Forecasting O Fashion Styling».

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