How voting for deputies and senators helps define the course of the elected government

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Almost 90% of federal deputies currently in office, 451 of the 513, are seeking re-election this year. But the competition includes a record number of candidates: more than 10,000 are in the running, an increase of more than 20% on the total recorded in 2018.

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With the increased participation of Congress in defining the Budget in recent years, federal deputies and senators will play a decisive role in articulating the country’s priorities for the next four years.

In this episode of E Tem Mais, Carol Nogueira presents an overview of the importance of choosing candidates for the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate in the October elections.

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To describe the role of parliamentarians in defining public spending and policies and the projections for the composition of Congress from 2023, the policy analyst of CNN Iuri Pitta and political scientist Denilde Holzhacker, professor at ESPM.

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Podcast E Tem Mais, with a presentation by Carol Nogueira

(*Posted by Diego Toledo)

Source: CNN Brasil

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