How was the meeting between Biden and Bolsonaro during the Summit of the Americas?

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In this issue, William Waack analyzes the meeting between the presidents of Brazil and the United States during the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles. While Joe Biden needed the presence of Jair Bolsonaro to increase the prestige of the meeting, Bolsonaro goes to meet Biden to nullify Brazil’s speech of international isolation.

On the agenda, thorny topics, such as the environment and the Brazilian presidential elections. To discuss the matter, WW invites the CNN Specialist and former Brazilian ambassador to Washington, Rubens Barbosa.

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Also in this issue, Waack and the team of analysts discuss the deceleration of inflation in May. The Minister of Economy celebrated, but also made an appeal. In an event of the Brazilian Association of Supermarkets, Paulo Guedes asked for the readjustments to be postponed until next year.

“The Brazilian business community has to understand the following: slow down a little because we need to break this inflationary chain. New price list only in 2023. I’m asking to stop the rise”, said the minister.

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At the same event, Bolsonaro asked for supermarket profits to be as small as possible on basic basket products.

Source: CNN Brasil

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