K. Ah. Karamanlis: A new outline of BOAK would mean a cost increase

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A new outline of BOAK would boost the cost, stressed the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Costas Karamanlis, answering a topical question of the SYRIZA MP, Harry Mamoulakis, regarding the proposal of the Region of Crete for connecting the axis with Kastelli airport. At the same time, Mr. Karamanlis criticized the previous government for making a concession agreement, which means “tolls”.

“A new layout would mean a cost increase because it would require a 1.5 km long tunnel, but also a huge delay, because it would require a change in environmental permits,” said Mr. Karamanlis.

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For his part, Mr. Mamoulakis said that the new airport of Kastelli will be a pole of traffic and the government must find a way to connect it with VOAK. According to the SYRIZA MP, a recent European directive justifies his party for the possibility of reducing the burden on road users. He also said that the only one who changed his position on the imposition of tolls is ND and the current prime minister, who, according to the MP, in 2017 spoke about a PPP project, without tolls.

Responding, Mr. Karamanlis said that accusing ND of bilingualism by SYRIZA, the party that said that with a law and an article it would abolish the memoranda, goes a long way. He even spoke of a political deception experienced by the people of Crete during SYRIZA, stating that the current official opposition had lied accordingly regarding the Egnatia Odos, where it imposed tolls: You said as a party and as a government that you would not impose tolls, “While you made a concession agreement, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport told SYRIZA, explaining that a concession agreement without tolls does not exist anywhere in Europe.

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According to Mr. Karamanlis, indeed with PPPs in many cases it is possible not to enter tolls, but BOAK is the largest highway being built today in Europe and “to put it bluntly, it is a very expensive project and must be tolls unfortunately [..] “Bilingualism is a privilege of SYRIZA and you have proved it in Crete as well”, added Mr. Karamanlis. However, he assured that discount packages will be given to the regular users of BOAK. SYRIZA, while it knew that it could never be implemented “.

Source: Capital

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