HoYeon Jung, the secrets of the beauty look of the protagonist of “Squid Game”

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Bridgerton made in there. The Netflix series, an absolute worldwide phenomenon, currently with 111 million viewers, is Squid Game and on the Net and on social media we talk about nothing else. The beautyhaolic also have one more reason to look at it. Since the production is made in Korea, beauty lovers have raised their antennas. We know well that everything that comes from there brings indisputable and immediately followed beauty trends. Said and done: from the K-drama comes a living trend, or one of its protagonists, HoYeon Jung, 27 years old and profession model in her first experience in front of a camera.


Let’s say that for her the debut was really explosive because Hoyeon has become an international celebrity in just a few clicks and immediately hired by Louis Vuitton as Global Ambassador of the brand (for which she has also shown in the past). The South Korean of the moment, who saw her Instagram profile increase by word of mouth by 15 million followers, fascinated the public in survivor drama with his convincing portrayal of Kang Sae-byeok, better known as player number 067.


They’re going crazy via social already tutorial to copy her haircut, of course, a helmet shag slightly moved with bangs, and the videos on TikTok are viral to replicate her natural lip makeup. Not to mention the step by step to reproduce the pretty freckles sporting in Squid Game (brace yourselves, the actress doesn’t actually have them), and even her dark and accentuated dark circles that, even in view of Halloween, are generating obsessions to beauty.

In short, if you still don’t know HoYeon Jung first of all follow her on social media and then consult our gallery where we have collected some beauty secrets of the actress, from skincare to make-up, and products to recreate her beauty look.


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