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Hungary: Demonstrations against tax reform and austerity measures continue for fifth day

The mobilizations are massive in Hungary against tax reform and austerity measures, with the protests in Budapest continuing for the fifth day in a row.

It all started on Tuesday, after the adoption by the parliament of a reform which, according to the participants of the demonstrations, will increase taxes for hundreds of thousands of small traders and freelancers.

“The government continues to take austerity measures, (but) the people can’t take it anymore”said one of the protesters, a 68-year-old professor.

“What the government did is absurd”argued a 37-year-old lawyer, who also took part in the mobilization.

In the center of Budapest, thousands of protesters rhythmically chanted abusive messages against the conservative prime ministerViktor Orban.

Friday before, Orbán defended the controversial tax reform, which he says is “right and necessary”.

The eastern European country, in difficult talks with Brussels about the funds it hopes to receive to support its economy, is faced with an explosive increase in inflation, which has reached its highest level in the last two decades, and a free fall of the forint. of its currency.

The government this week moved to remove the price ceiling on electricity and natural gas consumption for households, Mr. Orban’s flagship policy, which will especially hurt those with above-average consumption. On the same day, he declared a “state of emergency” to deal with the energy crisis: he plans to increase coal-burning production and asks households to reduce consumption.

Source: News Beast

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