Hunter Schafer: “Everyone must feel and show themselves as they really are inside”

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The second season of Euphoria, the teen TV series written and created by Sam Levinson, has finally arrived, in Italy on Sky Atlantic and streaming on NOW, which also means that its cast is back in full force to set trends and redefine the concept of beauty of the new era. Among the most loved protagonists stands the actress and artist Hunter Schafer, 23, an emblem of free, artistic and non-binary beauty. Known for being catapulted into celebrity land Thanks to her debut in the series, Hunter Schafer is the perfect model of the multifaceted millennial, promoter of change, who pushes the boundaries of the stereotypes of the past, celebrating originality and individuality on and off the big and small screen.

Her background is not exactly linked to the world of acting, on the contrary, the young star has taken her first steps expressing her personality with watercolors, collages, drawings, comics and essays. His creative flair caught the attention of the American digital magazine Rookie, founded and directed by fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson, with whom he began collaborating as an artist when he was only 15 years old. In 2017, while attending the North Carolina School of the Arts, was selected among the finalists of the competition National Young Arts Foundation, an organization that supports future generations of artists. In the same year, she earned a place in the coveted classification Under 21 from Teen Vogue 21, the annual list of the US magazine that pays homage to young people who are shaping the future, either because they influence politics, because they break barriers or simply dare and imagine a bolder future for themselves and for others.

For Hunter, this success coincided with the take-off of her career as a model that led her to model for Dior, Rick Owens, Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu and many others before moving from fashion to TV in 2019, enchanting and wowing audiences. around the world with his interpretation of a transgender teenager named Jules Vaughn in the now cult series Euphoria.

In early 2021 Hunter Schafer was chosen as the Makeup Global Brand Ambassador Shiseido because “it is the perfect representation of the current spirit of beauty, in which there are no rules, limits or restrictions”, commented James Boehmer, Global Artistic Director Shiseido
Makeup. At Vanity Fair the actress talked about her beauty must-haves.

What is the concept of beauty that it represents?

«I want to emphasize the message that everyone must feel and show themselves as they really are inside. The ultimate goal is that these two sensations coincide and overlap. Make-up, for example, allows you to achieve this balance between who you are inside and what you show on the outside. It’s a fairly simple concept, but being what you really want is what matters. “

How did your relationship with beauty evolve as you grew up?
“He’s gotten a lot more casual. When I was younger, I worried more about looking pretty or trying to be someone. Instead, now, when I make up, I do it to tell something about myself to the outside world “.

How do you think beauty is evolving and redefining?
«I can only express what my point of view is, but from what I have seen in the beauty world, I believe we are experiencing a great evolution towards something more artistic and non-binary. I think this is important, because make-up is for anyone who wants to wear it. It is an exciting tool. There is a greater understanding of the universality that can be linked to make-up ».

Do you have an icon that represents your concept of beauty?

“Many times I look to musicians for how they express themselves. And then I love Tilda Swinton, I love her make-up and how she shows herself and her soul ».

What is your “uniform” in make-up?
«It depends on the day but I usually love decorations around the eyes or with simple lines, I use Kajal Inkartist of Shiseido to create shapes and micro lines, or with small illustrations. Then I add hyper pigmented eyeshadows like Shiseido’s which are perfect for experimenting with color and texture. It is my trick to feel that I express myself ».

Is she good at creating her own make-up?
“I’m less worried about being good because what matters most is that it makes me feel good. I don’t always take care of my make-up, because for work I have many make-up artists around me who help me, but if I have to do it myself I think I’m doing a good job “

Do you have a simple or complicated beauty routine?

“Simple enough. I use a lot of moisturizers after a shower, morning and evening, and I can’t do without sunscreen every day, all year round. I have been looking for the perfect sunscreen for a long time, I always wanted a non-sticky and heavy feeling on the skin, then I finally found Urban Environment Age Defense Shield of Shiseido very creamy and refreshing, but above all it is one of those that are not perceived, just what I want from a sunscreen product that I use all year round ».

What makes you feel in connection with a person?

«Being present in the moment, but it also depends on who is around you, it must be a mutual feeling. When it happens it’s magical, whether you listen to music together or talk, being there and sharing is what matters most to me “.

Is there something you can’t do without?

“The moisturizer, without it, my skin would not be fine, because it is dry, especially in this period, in New York it is so cold”.

What is its relationship with the sun?

“I love being in the sun, I spend half an hour a day there to feel good, it is essential for my well-being, it gives me vitamin D, stimulates endorphins and seratonin, but I am very careful with the protection to avoid the risks from rays UV, so I never expose myself to the sun without a sunscreen with SPF 50 ».

Do you tan a lot?

“No, but I got so many freckles in the sun!”

According to Shiseido, the vision of beauty is like a force that helps bring about changes in the world, do you share it?

«It is one of the reasons that convinced me to be with Shiseido, I admire the brand’s commitment to sustainability, it is something that it is actively working on for the production of cosmetics that do not harm the environment. For me it is very important that it is one of the core values ​​of the maison ».

Do you have any beauty tips that you want to share and disseminate?

“I’ve finally started sleeping better recently, I’ve always had trouble sleeping, regaining my night’s rest has changed my life and the way I relate to the world. Now I sleep more regularly and I recommend everyone to value sleep, not only to keep their brains happy but also to preserve their beauty ».


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