HYPAAT: Clarifications on the distribution of the 2021 National Reserve

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34,208 applicants, who met the conditions, were allocated National Reserve 2021 rights, as announced by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.

According to an announcement by the ministry, in the context of the policy of productive utilization of CAP resources and the prevention of the payment of irregular subsidies, even in the midst of the food crisis, additional checks are being carried out on 2,021 applicants who declared pasture lands without having livestock.

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The controls, as he notes, concern the minimum agricultural activity that these individuals must meet in order to be paid the aids based on the distribution of the National Reserve 2021.

“For some of them, a check is being carried out for the possible use of data that do not meet the conditions for receiving the National Stock with parallel external cross-checking of data, in addition to what was formally submitted by the applicants” the announcement states and it is added that “these checks are ongoing, governed by transparency and equal treatment of farmers and breeders in receiving the National Reserve, so that conditions of unfair competition are not created. As soon as the specific procedure is completed and within the current agricultural financial year, those who meet the conditions will receive the support they are entitled to from OPEKEPE” .

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Source: Capital

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