“I didn’t want them to come”: Boy gives a sincere and funny speech on his birthday

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Legend has it that children and drunks always tell the truth. Perhaps that is why the video of a cute little boy who dared to give a welcome speech to his guests at his birthday party has gone viral, since it was clear that the boy made an admirable effort to say a few words of thanks to everyone the assistants.

It is likely that the birthday boy has given us a brilliant idea, because at the next party we attend, if we have something uncomfortable to say, we just need to ask for the microphone to express our sincere feelings. Thus, everyone will believe that our comment is just a product of nerves, although we will know that it is not.

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boy giving speech on his birthday

Good evening, thank you for my birthday… come. Well, but it’s very happy that everyone is here.

His first sentences were well received, although it was evident that, due to his age, the little one struggled a bit with words. However, the boy did not take long to reveal his true feelings when, without much shame, as Alejandro Fernández would say, he transmitted to them what his sincere heart was feeling at that moment.

I didn’t want you guys to come, but, well, it’s good that you all came.

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boy concludes his speech by microphone

We assume that the clown who was hired at the party to entertain the guests understood that there was nothing to do, since it would be very difficult for him to overcome this funny moment, so he only managed to say that the video was sent to TikTok.

Sincerity or nervousness? We do not know if the little boy really did not want so many freeloaders at his birthday party or if he was just betrayed by his nerves, but, without a doubt, the moment was very fun for all the guests and, of course, also for us, since we can enjoy through social networks.

Source: Okchicas

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