“I felt disloyal”: Kristen Stewart talks about how difficult it was to prepare to become Lady Di

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Kristen Stewart, the main star of the long-awaited film Spencer, described the intensity of her nerves before starting production on the film that talks about Princess Diana and the difficult times she had to go through on her last family vacation as Prince Charles’s wife at the legendary Sandringham estate.

The film directed by Pablo Larraín, who was also in charge of creating Jackie With Natalie Portman, he explores Lady Di’s psychological hell and emotional contradictions as she tried to keep her relationship with the entire royal family alive. In addition, just a few weeks ago, the first screening of the film received great reviews at the Venice film festival.

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Although Stewart has worked in the Hollywood industry since she was practically a child on projects like Panic room with Jodie Foster in 2002 and The devils throat The following year, his career took off internationally when he starred in the infamous but successful franchise of Twilight with Robert Pattinson.

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However, despite having great experience in the world of cinema, a few weeks ago, Stewart shared how his anxiety manifested itself physically as he prepared to Spencer and how, to some extent, she felt so nervous that she thought she wasn’t ready to play such an important role.

Kristen Stewart

I suffered from TMJ disorders to the point that I couldn’t even speak. I couldn’t open my mouth for two weeks before filming began. I was feeling so nervous that I didn’t think I could do it.

Larraín helped me relax and trust the process. I tried to study all the complexities in Princess Diana’s life. I read and listened to all his interviews. He sought to reflect her vulnerability, but at the same time the unpredictable nature of the princess. You need to feel it for it to truly be yours. So I think I just had to relax.

Pablo Lorraín and Kristen Stewart

The weight of the responsibility of playing such an emotional and internationally known figure meant that the actress had to base her work on her own feelings in order, in some way, to be able to connect with the image and personality of the princess, who was always surrounded of different and diverse opinions about his person.

He felt like he wanted to protect her. I had to focus, not just on people’s idea of ​​her, but on mine as well. In itself, that was so different and specific to me. And it’s because she had this vulnerability and sheer emotion that she couldn’t hide. There is no way to make a perfect imitation of that.

Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana

According to experts, film critics and people close to the medium, Spencer It could be the film that gives Stewart the opportunity to become one of the strongest contenders for the Best Actress award at next year’s Oscars, an idea that the actress has not yet been able to process.

It’s amazing if it happens. I’ve never had anything like this. We make films to have an open and large-scale conversation with the world, as a society and as a culture. It’s nice to be a part of this, even if it’s just for a second, it’s fun.

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