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“I find it pathetic”: Thalía calls Shakira dramatic and criticizes her for her hints in ‘Monotonia’

The two recent songs that Shakira has released in recent months have not only been successful and one of the most talked about on music platforms, but have also caused some controversy, since their lyrics have been related to her breakup with Gerard Piqué , Well, there are those who claim that they are quite direct indirections towards the father of their children.

One of the celebrities who joins this wave of comments towards the Colombian singer is Thalía, who recently gave a lot to talk about, supposedly having criticized Shakira for her song Monotony and calling her pathetic and dramatic for a live on your Instagram account.

Photograph of Shakira with short blonde hair wig and a knife

A few days ago, the networks exploded after some media outlets claimed that the 51-year-old Mexican singer called the singer exaggerated. Congratulations for throwing hints at Piqué through his songs.

As reported, the statements that the former member of Timbiriche made against Shakira were through a question and answer session during a live broadcast on her official Twitter account. Instagramwhere when questioned about the successful theme of the Colombian, Thalía did not hesitate to describe her as “pathetic”, since she pointed out that she dedicates songs to a man who “doesn’t even peel her”.

Photograph of Shakira posing in a red skirt and white blouse

I find the song pathetic and Shakira a dramatic woman. I think that if that man left her it was because he no longer loves her. She should consider herself and not try to pity her with those kinds of songs dedicated to a man who doesn’t care anymore.

– Thalia

Although there is no evidence showing the interpreter of Mexican love speaking against the Colombian singer, users who were present during the transmission of Tommy Mottola’s wife claim to be witnesses to the strong comments he made towards the beloved Shakira and the criticism of his theme Monotony.

Selfie of Thalía with a cup of coffee with her apple-headed Chihuahua dog

As there is no evidence of Thalia’s “live” on the social network, many users and media question the alleged comments in which the singer of rampaging criticizes the interpreter January day. So far, neither of them has commented on the matter.

But those who have expressed their opinion have been the Internet users, who did not miss the opportunity to respond to the criticism against their beloved Shakira and who agree that she is not having a good time.

Source: Okchicas

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