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Dad of the year! Dad and son in disguise are moved by their complicity in eating ice cream

Sharing special moments with our parents is wonderful, but it is even more so when a simple coexistence becomes an unforgettable event. Let’s admit that when we see our photographs of girls, in which we are with mom or dad, we want to go back there and enjoy it like never before. Has it happened to them?

Although the photographs make us relive those scenes, now with technology and videos, not to mention! Considering the great benefit that we can get from the Internet, we want to share the recent video that has gone viral on social networks, which has moved more than one of us with “crocodile clips”.

father and son eat ice cream

The clip that we want to talk about this time is the one that was captured in Colombia, where we see a little boy with his father, both dressed up for Halloween, while enjoying an ice cream at a table. But what caught the attention of the users is the tenderness with which they both laugh and enjoy those minutes together, they can even be seen toasting with their snow cones.

Of course, the beautiful musical background with which they accompanied this clip helped a lot to move us with this event, since many of the netizens reacted and many of them shared the lack that their father makes them. ¡sniff!


This kid already has it all 🥹❤️ #TikTokHalloween #viral #for you

♬ original sound – Luna Camila Molina

Among the comments on this video, we could also read things like “

‘It hurt deep down, but it fills me with joy that he does have it and enjoys it’; ‘Value it. I never had the opportunity to go out with my father and smile’; ‘Today I met envy’.

For his part, the father, the protagonist of this clip, thanked the nice comments that they sent him and confirmed the obvious: how much he loves his little José Daniel.

dad and son eat ice cream

By becoming so popular this video on the eve of the Day of the Dead has made it even more tender, as it causes us to remember with nostalgia that dad who is no longer here and who is so missed. In addition, it emphasizes how important it is to enjoy the little things that give life great meaning. So let’s wipe those tears and value our loved ones!

Source: Okchicas

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