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I found a suspiciously cheap tablet from Realme. Turned out to be perfect for movies

The tablet segment is not as diverse as the smartphone market: in fact, all tablets can be divided into professional and regular. The latter are positioned mainly for entertainment or basic work in the browser and office applications. But the problem is that in 2022 the price line between tablet categories has blurred: standard models often get unnecessary chips and naturally rise in price.

Because of this situation, one has to be content with dubious “nonames” if you need a tablet for a child, a large screen for movies, or a simple machine for studying. But Realme changed everything, which, after gaining a foothold in the smartphone market, decided to also capture the sphere of tablets. Now she has two models, but it is Realme Pad mini that is perhaps the most interesting. She has already visited the Threshbox review.

The optimal diagonal, which few people can boast of

The vast majority of tablets are either large or huge – these are definitely not suitable for everyone. Realme Pad mini decided to bet on versatility and equipped its model with an 8.7-inch screen with a 5:4 aspect ratio.

The thickness of the case is only 7.56 mm. The tablet is thinner than the miniature iPhone 13 mini

This format is suitable both for children with their small and weak hands, and for conditional students who need to constantly carry a tablet with them – the aluminum alloy case inspires confidence in durability.

Several days of battery power, and without cunning

Unlike smartphones, which can be easily and quickly recharged, autonomy in tablets can be called almost a key feature. Marketers understand this and always declare impressive autonomy, but do not focus on small print at all: at a brightness of 50%.

A large battery fits into a miniature tablet – 6400 mAh

It is all the more surprising to see a statement about autonomy at 19 hours at maximum (!) Brightness – if you use the tablet for 5 hours a day, this is about 4 days without recharging. But how often do you need maximum brightness, especially in the case of a tablet that is rarely exposed to direct sunlight?

There is enough memory, but even more is possible

Realme Pad mini is available in 3/32 GB and 4/64 GB versions – the first is just right for children, and the second will fully satisfy the needs of work. Nevertheless, additional gigabytes are never superfluous – the tablet’s storage can be expanded with a memory card up to 1 TB.

1 TB will fit approximately 400 movies or about 1 million e-books

Rarely for a tablet, this model provides for the installation of one or even two SIM-cards – a hybrid slot.

Aggressive pricing policy to attract new users

Realme has recently entered the tablet market, and for self-development in this segment, the company is actively attracting new users due to relatively low prices: 12,999 rubles for a 3/32 GB model or 15,999 rubles for a 4/64 GB version.

  • Operating system: Android 11, R Edition.
  • Display: LSD IPS, 8.7 inches, 1340×800, 179 PPI, 60Hz.
  • Processor: Unisoc Tiger T616, 12nm, 2×2.0GHz Cortex A75 + 6×1.8GHz Cortex-A55.
  • Video accelerator: Mali-G57 MP1.
  • Internal memory: 32 or 64 GB, UFS 2.1, there is support for SD cards up to 1 TB.
  • RAM: 3 or 4 GB, LPDDR4X.
  • Main camera: 8 MP (f / 2.0), video recording 1080p 30 FPS.
  • Front camera: 5 MP (f / 2.2), video recording 720p 30 FPS.
  • Battery: 6400 mAh, wired charging up to 18 W, USB Type-C.
  • Security: face recognition, pattern, passcode.
  • Dimensions: 211.8 × 124.5 × 7.6 mm.
  • Weight: 372 g

Direct competitors and even “no-names” also have tablets in these price categories, but they, as a rule, have distinct compromises: either you need to charge often, or the size is too large, or the lack of storage will constantly make itself felt.

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