“I stopped cleaning the house to teach my husband a lesson”

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A woman caused a debate on TikTok where she announced that she stopped cleaning the house to see his… reaction. The related video gathered more than 7.4 million views, with some urging her to divorce him.

The woman who posts helpful information on the cleaning going by the name @MrsMessyTikTok, in this particular video she described how she “stopped cleaning the house” a month ago. She wanted to “prove to her husband that she was the only one doing everything all this time.

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In a series of previous videos she described how her ‘selfish’ boyfriend called her ‘lazy’ and accused her of ‘never doing anything in the home,” despite cleaning up and paying the bills, as reported by the New York Post.

The result was that the image of the house soon became repulsive. Unwashed clothes, discarded food bags…

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Her husband reportedly “freaked out and started throwing my cleaners. He said I don’t need them since I don’t clean anymore.”

In fact, he annoyed “went to Europe for three weeks with his mom”.

“I am the happiest person,” the woman said, adding that she enjoys “being in a peaceful and quiet home.”

Many users on TikTok urged her to throw him out of the house for good. “I suggest you stay alone,” someone wrote.

“For God’s sake I’ve seen all her videos, PLEASE break up with him, the red flags can’t get any redder,” another commented.

However, it is not clear if she really decided to divorce him…

Source: News Beast

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