“I take on feminine features because the woman is the ultimate symbol of freedom”. Achille Lauro on the new cover of Vanity Fair

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«Dear readers, dear readers, for this cover, I know they will accuse me of blasphemy, but the saints and the Madonnas are images that are part of my history, of my existential gallery. Also thanks to them, I learned to generate myself, without help, by treating creativity like a Holy Spirit ».

Thus begins the letter that Achille Lauro writes exclusively for Vanity Fair, which dedicates to him the cover of the issue on newsstands from March 3, in which he appears in the guise of a religious icon.

A provocative image combined with a confession in which the artist, a regular guest of the evenings of the Sanremo 2021 Festival, goes to the roots of his poetics and his aesthetics, which have always been disruptive: “I do all this so as not to be trivialized within a stereotype.” The fight against labels stems from a diversity that Lauro De Marinis has perceived since he was a child, as well as the lack of love, fundamental “Because it forces you to conquer something more. I thank the people who didn’t love me because they made me feel alone. And feeling alone was fundamental ».

Achille Lauro continues with a sort of manifesto of his art: «Madness is having the courage to choose a path out of the ordinary. When they ask me what I do to change the world, I reply that I take risks with my art to carry messages and give meaning. I don’t go on television or on stage with the brake on. It can be all right or my career can end there. I think that in life you have to be reckless if you really want to change things. There is a phrase by Oliviero Toscani that I like very much: when you do something important, you must be afraid. Because if you are not afraid then you are wrong ».

The singer concludes his letter with a reflection on why there is an uproar every time he takes on a female form: “My answer is simple: because the woman is the ultimate symbol of freedom”.

For the first time, the cover of Vanity Fair is animated: framing the QR code one is transported to the exhibition that Achille Lauro created exclusively for the readers of the newspaper. It is ideally his sixth Sanremo performance, which is added to the five paintings that the artist offers during the five evenings of the Sanremo Festival.

And for the first time, Vanity Fair also has a soundtrack, thanks to the collaboration with Spotify, the first of the streaming service with a newspaper. In support of the interviews with the singers competing in Sanremo, the reader will be able to find a Spotify code to frame, with their smartphone, to listen to a playlist with the songs suggested by the Big.

The issue, in fact, contains interviews with the singers competing at this year’s Festival. There is Aiello, with Now, a song full of eros, because «it is a crucial thought in everyone’s life». Arisa, in Sanremo with You could have done more, tells of her experience with toxic relationships (“I was not a victim, I also had my share of responsibility”) and the path of acceptance of her body, hindered by the male environment of the discography: “Unfortunately, men often judge women as things that are good or not, it is as if we were milk, with an expiration date ». In the interview with the art critic and curator Francesco Bonami, columnist of Vanity Fair, Bugo reflects on the return to the Festival a year after the disqualification and the quarrel with Morgan: “Up to that moment my music or my character had been far from the general public, but with that gesture that I lived very spontaneously I fell suddenly in among the people “. Colapesce e Dimartino, among the favorites for the critics prize, explain that theirs Very light music is the song of life, a song about depression and salvation. Willie Peyote, in his Sanremo debut with Mai dire mai (locally), points the finger at the world of culture in which “only entertainment” counts, explaining that “the verse with which the text begins is emblematic: what could be more fitting than a Sanremo with” the music inside while the ‘is it death? ”». 40 years after the success of For Elisa, Carla Bissi in art Alice he recounts the consequences of popularity: «I benefited immensely from it, but in some way I can claim to have suffered it too. It was the classic golden prison. I would have liked something… calmer ». 50 years after the triumph in Sanremo with The heart and a gypsy, Nothing recounts his childhood with a depressed mother who dreamed of a career in music for her daughter.

Vanity Fair tells the Sanremo Festival also on all its social platforms. From 2 to 6 March on Clubhouse 5 evening appointments are scheduled to comment live on the event: together with Valentina Colosimo and Silvia Bombino of the editorial staff of Vanity Fair there are well-known faces of music and entertainment such as the presenter Costantino della Gherardesca, the actress Natasha Stefanenko, the influencer Silvia Rossi, the musicians Francesco Sarcina and Cristiano Godano, the actress Euridice Axen, the radio speaker Marisa Passera, the writer and radio host Stefano Sgambati, the Youtuber Sespo. Up Instagram there will be many, among other things, direct from Sanremo. Every day Federico Rocca comments on the looks of the previous evening in a live broadcast with special guests: Simone Guidarelli, Costantino della Gherardesca, Valentina Ferragni, Carla Gozzi, Jo Squillo and Anna Dello Russo. The make-up artist Rita Fiorentino is the protagonist of a new beauty format, a tutorial that reproduces a look seen on stage the previous evening. Every morning, in the Instagram Stories, Alessandra Paudice and Federico Rocca analyze the outfits and beauty looks of the Sanremo characters. Vanity Fair also has two insiders: Orietta Berti and Francesca Michielin, both competing, who from Sanremo comment together on the evenings in 3 videos published on the magazine’s website and social channels. Up TikTokfinally, from 3 to 7 March the influencer Giulia Penna tells users about the highlights of the previous evening, while on Twitter every evening the editorial staff comments on the event live.

Throughout the service:
Clothes, gucci.
Jewelry “A garden delights” Gucci High Jewelry.
Make-up Nicoletta Pinna and Maddalena Brando for Simone Belli Agency using Gucci Beauty: Lipstick Satin Lipstick 100 Linda Beige, L’Obscur mascara, Fine Fluid Beauty foundation Natural Finish 130W, face brightening gel Beauty Shine Light Effect.
Hair Francesco Pegoretti for Simone Belli Agency.
Manicure Gaimax Marcella Uploaded.
Salvatore Pezzella, Arianna Beachi, Michele Potenza collaborated. Photographer assistants Paolo Baccolo, Riccardo Andreaus. Sugarkane Studio production. Producer Giulia Vercelli. Management Angelo Calculli for MK3. For Friends & Partners Veronica Corno. Goigest Press Office.

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