IBM, the technological power behind business and enterprise innovation

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Make a purchase at one marketplace, make a bank transfer, work remotely and even answer questions or solve problems in customer service. These are just a few examples of where IBM technology is used on a daily basis.

Facilities in the most varied products and services go through technological innovations behind that make all this happen.

“IBM is a way for companies from all segments and the government to innovate, produce different things and offer the best products and services to their customers. We have less of the IBM brand at the end, but we are extremely proud to participate in the daily lives of so many people, even without them knowing it directly.” points out Marcelo Braga, President and Technology Leader of IBM Brazil.

The universe of technology has been transforming business for many years, but it was during the Covid-19 pandemic that digital transformation accelerated. Companies that had invested in projects, which at the time were called innovation, became survival projects.

One of the technologies that most boosted this wave was the hybrid cloud currently the dominant IT architecture.

Business leaders in Brazil have declared the end of the era of a single cloud provider. According to the global study of IBM As of 2021 on cloud transformation, there has been a drastic change in business needs – only 5% of respondents reported using only one cloud, public or private, compared to the previous year, which was 45%.

The hybrid cloud, which is a coexistence between the private cloud and the public cloud, brings a new way of consuming technology, with more agility, ease, innovation, storage and processing capacity.

On a single platform, IBM allows customers to choose to run a given system in the public or private cloud, or both at the same time. For this reason, the vast majority opt for the open and multiple hybrid cloud strategy, in order to have the freedom to explore the best of public clouds and meet specific needs using private clouds.

Another burst of technological consumption is that of Artificial intelligence . THE Watson present in Brazil for almost seven years, is the open and multicloud that allows you to automate the AI ​​lifecycle and that has the latest innovative technology of machine learning, In other words, the more you use it, the better it gets.

Watson has an above-average disambiguation ability, it understands exactly what the person means. By understanding the context, and not just words, he creates humanized and non-robotized solutions. He learns the language, slang, accents and can do a sophisticated analysis of what the person is feeling, perceptions such as irony, annoyance or joy. This makes all the difference and brings great satisfaction in customer service.

Bia (Bradesco Artificial Intelligence) was the first case of Watson here in Brazil. On the air since 2016, it has already helped millions of people and is of great importance for changing the way of working and the consumption habits of the bank’s customers.

“Here comes a context of a fantastic business opportunity of automation, innovation, cost reduction, to solve the customer’s problem faster and easier, wherever he wants: chat, app, internet – multichannel. Always in an ethical, explainable, auditable manner that follows all data use regulations imposed by the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) here in the country. It means accelerating a lot, but always with control.” adds Marcelo Braga.

And with all the technological transformation comes new concerns, such as cyberattacks. The ease, convenience and dynamism of the hyper-connected world has heightened concerns, fragility and security in any company. Therefore, every digital solution is only possible when it is aligned with safety an extremely important area in the IBM portfolio.

About to complete 105 years in Brazil, IBM is constantly adapting to maintain its leading role in this very competitive market. It believes that working on diversity and inclusion since its foundation and being aligned with ESG practices bring much greater potential for innovation. In addition, it has a global plan to train 30 million people by 2030, mainly to attract more and more young people and women to the exact world.

He understands that in order to create technologies that can change the world, it is important to ally with other companies, with the entire ecosystem. THE Let’s Create unites the customer (with a real problem), big players of technology, creativity, entrepreneurship and the experience and breadth of IBM. Together, they manage to create solutions that are relevant to the market and society.

“We believe that things only happen, that really make an impact, when technology, talent, diversity and trust are combined. When these four pillars combine, innovation explodes. Let’s Create comes from exactly this understanding. This configuration of solutions would not be possible if we worked independently. Our goal is to create solutions to make the world a better place.” finishes Braga.

Source: CNN Brasil

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