Identity card: via “mother” and “father” back to “parent”


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«The wording “parent 1” and “parent 2” will be reintroduced to ensure compliance with the regulatory framework introduced by the EU regulation on the processing of personal data and to overcome the application problems reported by the Privacy Guarantor “. The words of the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese are institutional, the substantial concept is that in the electronic identity cards of children under 14 there will no longer be the wording “mother and father”, reintroduced in 2019, by the then Minister of the Interior Salvini.

Before 2019 there was a generic indication of “Parents”, now we go back to that formula by specifying “parent 1” and “parent 2”, even on the documents, for example, for enrollment in school.

Minister Lamorgese explained during the question Time that “the new decree scheme has already obtained the agreement of the ministers of economy and public administration and is awaiting the opinion of the Ensures, following which it will be submitted to the State-City Conference ».

The change, as well as for the adaptation to European legislation and due to the findings of the Privacy Guarantor according to which writing mother and father involves “strong criticalities, from the point of view of data protection and the protection of minors, in cases in which the subjects who exercise parental responsibility are not attributable to the maternal or paternal figure“. It is valid for same-parent families and for all those cases in which there are not both figures. Writing mother and father automatically excludes parents of the same sex who have had their children recognized, but also any other non-traditional family situation.

To change the legislation wanted in 2015 by the Renzi government was the government of Lega and Movimento 5 stelle (many of its members, however, said they were against). “We will defend the natural family founded on the union between a man and a woman”, Salvini said in 2019, explaining his as a “decree restoring biological roles».

In identity cards prior to 2019, essential documents for travel, but also for the recognition of parenthood, it says “surname and first name of parents or guardian”, also with the English translation parents.

Carlo Tumino and Christian De Florio, blogger and father of Sebastian and Julian, almost 3 years old, shared their satisfaction with Republic. “Using a broader terminology does not prohibit using one more specific like father or mother. It simply ensures that any type of family does not feel discriminated against ”.

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