All crazy for Arthur Chatto, the personal trainer with blue blood


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Last October Arthur Chatto, Princess Margaret’s grandson, made his debut as a personal trainer at the BoundFitness gym in Edinburgh, Scotland. But now, because of the restrictions imposed by the new wave of coronavirus, all UK gyms are closed. And so the 21 year old thought of record your workouts and post them online.

The first video of the muscular «royal» – made together with his friend the coach Horse Tapatapa – is it was a success: Arthur’s fans, who although he has no title is currently al 26th place in the order of succession to the throne of England, they rave about his strength and sculpted physique.

Arthur  (Robert Nathaniel) Chatto is the second child of Lady Sarah Chatto, the only daughter of Antony Armstrong-Jones and Princess Margaret, Her Majesty’s beloved sister, who passed away in 2002. Elizabeth II she is therefore her great-aunt, and when she was little less than a teenager he used to be her page during official ceremonies. His upbringing is typically british. He dated Eton, the prestigious Berkshire college preferred by the best of British youth, where he also took part in Combined Cadet Forced Training, the program that prepares students for military careers. Icing on the cake: plays the bagpipes.

But above all, from what is known, has not yet found a soul mate. So in England, since the prince Harry He married Meghan Markle officially leaving the club of the most coveted royal singles in the world, all eyes are on him, the young blue-blooded personal trainer.

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