If necessary, we will deploy 800 police officers to help the RN, says Dino

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The Minister of Justice, Flávio Dino, declared, this Wednesday (15), in an interview with CNN that, if necessary, between 400 and 800 police officers will be deployed to support Rio Grande do Norte after a series of criminal attacks in the state.

Last Tuesday (14), Dino authorized the use of the National Security Force at the request of Governor Fátima Bezerra (PT). By next Thursday (16), the contingent should reach 220 agents.

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“Governor Fátima Bezerra was with me and I ordered the National Public Security Force to be sent within hours. The governor herself arrived along with the first contingent of the National Force. Today, at the request also, in agreement with the state, a penitentiary tactical force. They even distorted it, which would be a kind of federal intervention, there is no such thing. There is support from the federal government to the state government. And that support is unlimited. That was President Lula’s decision”, explained Dino.

“By tomorrow, with other contingents, we will reach 220 members, including the commander of the National Force is there in Rio Grande Norte. The National Secretary of Public Security is also going there this week. And I’ve been talking to the governor twice, three times a day. If it is necessary to place 400, 500, 600, 800 police, we will put them to support Rio Grande Norte”, she continued.

We will not allow territories to be handed over to criminal practices

Flávio Dino, Minister of Justice, on Rio Grande do Norte


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Shooting attacks, as well as fires in vehicles, businesses and public buildings were recorded in the early hours of Tuesday. Weapons, drugs, money, motorcycles and explosive devices were seized. So far, 30 suspects have been arrested – including three fugitives from justice.

In one occurrence, recorded in the West Zone of Natal, there was a confrontation between police forces and criminals, leaving one man dead. The information was confirmed to CNN by the State Secretariat for Public Security and Social Defense (Sesed).

According to the secretary, ostensible actions in strategic points of the state will be expanded. The government of Rio Grande do Norte also informed that the intelligence system of the institutions detected the possibility of the occurrence of these actions. As a result, the state Secretariat for Public Security increased its staff in areas with a potential incidence of criminal actions.

“We have already intensified integrated strategies and actions throughout Rio Grande do Norte. There will be no retreat on the part of the State Government”, said Colonel Francisco Araújo, head of Sesed.

However, according to the agency, the locations, quantity or types of criminal occurrences will not be informed to preserve the investigation work.

In an interview with CNN the Secretary of Public Security of the RN, Colonel Francisco Araújo, stated that, although investigations by the Civil Police and Federal Police (PF) are ongoing, the authorities believe that the attacks are “complaint actions by criminal organizations for the treatment within the prisons”.

Police kill faction leader accused of ordering attacks

The Civil Police of Paraíba located, this Wednesday, José Wilson da Silva Filho, known as “Argentine”, appointed as the mastermind of the criminal attacks. He was head of the largest criminal faction in the state.

According to the authorities, the 29-year-old man was hiding in João Pessoa and reacted to the arrest, dying during a confrontation with the agents.

Source: CNN Brasil

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