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If Wired Italia hacks the reviews

Wired Italy And TBWA\Italy they hacked the reviews of hundreds of products and online activities (on Amazon, Tripadvisor, Google and others) to try to inform and give greater awareness to Italian voters, called to vote next weekend to elect candidates for the European Parliament.

Thousands of election-themed articles have been written in recent weeks, but very few have been read. According to a Censis* report, in fact, in recent years Italians have become more distant than ever from political news. At the same time, according to some research**, the 99.75% of consumers read dozens of reviews every day before purchasing a product or choosing an activity to do or a place to visit.

Thus, at a time when disaffection with the news can determine the future of Europe, Wired Italia and TBWA\Italia have decided to bring information where people read most: among the reviews.

With the project EUREVIEWS TBWA\Italia and Wired Italia therefore identified hundreds of the most popular products, places and activities during the election week and “hacked” the reviews to transform them into a new media for a campaign to raise awareness of voting and the importance of voting.

Those who searched for a gardening product have, for example, also found a Wired review on agricultural policies. Those planning a trip to the countryside encountered a review on environmental policies. Those who bought books for their children’s holidays found themselves reflecting on how their vote can positively change school and education.

If Wired Italia hacks the reviews

Review after review has shown that the major issues of elections and politics are, in reality, much more everyday than one might think. And above all that information must be increasingly closer to people, also by exploring places and means never considered before.

«While the Italian electoral campaign focuses on internal conflicts between parties, very distant from the needs of citizens, the future of our continent and therefore also of Italy will be decided on 8 and 9 June. For this reason we have decided to speak to the largest possible number of people, going beyond the “borders” of Wired and reaching the most frequented places on the Internet. Helping a conscious and informed vote is the best thing a newspaper can do in this moment” he says Federico Ferrazzadirector of Wired Italia.

If Wired Italia hacks the reviews

After Senza titolo and The B AI S, the EUREVIEWS campaign consolidates the creative partnership between TBWA\Italia and Wired Italia. «We are very proud of this project, because it confirms and demonstrates the strength of the path we have undertaken together with Wired. A path made of mutual listening, desire to do and, above all, common values: all things that are also reflected in the projects, which always start from a careful observation of the culture and reality that surrounds us, and which are capable of modifying it for the better through the power of a simple idea”, he declares Mirco Pagano Chief Creative Officer TBWA\Italy.

The EUREVIEWS project was conceived and implemented by Debora Crestale (Copywriter) e Luca Attanasio (Art Director), together with the creative directors Vittoria Apicella And Frank Guarini. Chief Creative Officer: Mirco Pagano.


*57th Censis Report on the social situation of the country 2023
**The Ever-Growing Power of Reviews and Brightlocal

Source: Vanity Fair

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