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I Ricchi e Poveri their second youth thanks to Aria (and Sanremo)

It is nothing new that the Sanremo Festival has managed to do a facelift to the careers of many professionals of the past, ei Riches and Poors they are no exception. With their song But not all of life, Angel Sotgiu And Angela Brambati have, in fact, not only won the affection and esteem of Generation Z, but have also found an enthusiasm capable of inaugurating a new phase of their career after the overwhelming successes – from Maybe it’s because I love you to Mother Maryalso included in the soundtrack of the fiction We are legend – that the Rich and Poor churned out in the golden years. Hence the desire to Beat the iron until it is hot and to come out with a new hit, Airwhich is becoming increasingly viral on social media for its danceable rhythm and bursting energy.

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It is at the center of everything the magic of an encounter, the desire to get to know each other and live the moment: «What is she doing there sitting alone, dressed like at the premiere at La Scala. Because you are elegance and you can’t learn, with you there really is no competition”, sing the Ricchi e Poveri who, thanks to the song But not all of life presented in competition at Sanremo, they have collected over 20 million plays on Spotify and a platinum record. Leaving aside the fact that the two singers also performed at the recent Forza Italia Convention, making even the deputy prime minister and foreign minister dance and go wild Antonio Tajaniit is clear that the Rich and Poor are back to stay, ready to live a second youth after the boom reached at the end of the sixties.

riches and Poors

Capturing the potential of the language of the Internet and social media – Air debuted earlier on TikTok than on other channels – and by relying on a fun and never vulgar energy and exuberance, Ricchi e Poveri have managed to find a way to move forward and continue making music without resting on the laurels of the past. After the passing of Franco Gattiwho passed away in 2022, Angela and Angelo found the strength to reinvent themselves and look to the future with optimism and joy, and we cannot fail to recognize this in them.

Source: Vanity Fair

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