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If You Have Had A Coronavirus Disease Caused By A Non-brazilian Strain

If you have had a coronavirus disease caused by a non-Brazilian strain of SARS-CoV-2, then the effectiveness of your protection against re-infection with this mutant is from 54% to 79%. This conclusion was reached by an international group of scientists, their research was published by the journal Science.


Despite the fact that in Manaus, many were ill or were asymptomatic infected with the coronavirus in the summer of 2020, closer to the new year, the region “flared up” again. Scientists are convinced that the new strongest wave of the epidemic, which began in November, is the P.1 strain, which acquired 17 mutations, including a trio in the key S-protein – K417T, E484K and N501Y. This trinity of changes is associated with the increased ability of viral particles to “stick” to the cells of the victim.

After analyzing the data set from Manaus, the most affected P.1 metropolitan area in the world, the authors concluded that this strain may be 1.7-2.4 times more infectious than the original version of the coronavirus.

Scientists believe that P.1 appeared due to the strongest outbreak in the region, which led to an increased rate of accumulation of virus mutations in a short period of time in chronically infected or immunocompromised patients.

“This is a potential P.1 scenario,” they noted.

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The authors emphasize that research is urgently needed to test the real effectiveness of vaccines against P.1, because estimates of virus neutralization with antibodies from the blood of those who have been ill or vaccinated in a test tube affect only one component of the immune response.

One of the new cemeteries for the burial of the dead from COVID-19 in the Amazon (photo - EPA)

There are more young people than elderly patients in the covid resuscitation centers of Brazil in the spring of 2021. Meanwhile, the local president urged citizens “not to whine.”

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