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IGP-DI accelerates fall to 1.22% in September, says FGV

The General Index of Prices-Internal Availability (IGP-DI) fell by 1.22% in September, compared to a decline of 0.55% in the previous month, informed the Brazilian Institute of Economics of the Getulio Vargas Foundation (Ibre/FGV), this Thursday (6).

As a result, the index accumulates a high of 5.54% in the year and 7.94% in 12 months. In September 2021, the index had fallen by 0.55% and had accumulated a high of 23.43% in 12 months.

The IGP-DI is composed of the Broad Producer Price Index (IPA), with a weight of 60% in the index; the Consumer Price Index (IPC), with a weight of 30%, and the National Construction Cost Index (INCC), representing 10%.

“Commodity and fuel prices continue to drive the IPA and CPI deceleration. However, the IPA anticipates a greater contraction of inflationary pressures”, said André Braz, coordinator of price indices, in a press release.

The expert points out that, in September 2021, 69% of the items that make up the IPA were rising in price, in September 2022, the percentage dropped to 30%. In the CPI, the number of items with a price increase also decreased, from 65% in September 2021 to 58% in September 2022.

The IPA fell 1.68% in September, down from 0.63% in the previous month.

One of the highlights for the result was the stage of Gross Raw Materials, which intensified the fall in its rate of change from -0.04% in August to -1.95% in September.

“The following items contributed to this movement: in natura milk (10.84% ​​to -6.92%), sugarcane (-0.13% to -1.14%) and poultry (1.04% to -1.42%). On the other hand, it is worth mentioning iron ore (-3.80% to -3.27%), soybeans (-1.30% to -0.92%) and coffee beans (-0.94% to -0.58%)”, says the study.

The CPI increased by 0.02% in September, after falling by 0.57% in August. Four of the eight classes of expense components of the index registered an increase in their rates of change: Education, Reading and Recreation (0.46% to 4.36%), Transport (-3.56% to -2.63%), Housing (-0.09% to 0.40%) and Communication (-1.03% to -0.52%). In these expense categories, it is worth mentioning the behavior of the following items: airfare (2.07% to 23.75%), gasoline (-11.62% to -8.68%), residential electricity tariff (-2, 33% to -0.07%) and mobile phone tariff (-2.26% to 0.13%).

On the other hand, the groups Food (0.07% to -0.29%), Miscellaneous Expenses (0.36% to 0.04%), Health and Personal Care (0.77% to 0.59%) and Clothing (0.53% to 0.38%) showed a decrease in their rates of change. These expense classes were influenced by the following items: dairy products (2.64% to -4.86%), cigarettes (2.45% to 0.28%), hygiene and personal care items (1.65% to 0 .49%) and clothing (0.69% to 0.24%).

O(INCC recorded in September the same rate of change as in the previous month, of 0.09%. The three groups that make up the INCC recorded the following changes from August to September: Materials and Equipment (-0.21% to -0 .31%), Services (0.46% to 0.34%) and Labor (0.28% to 0.39%).

Source: CNN Brasil

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