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Ilya Sutskever leaves OpenAI

Co-founder and leading researcher at the AI ​​laboratory OpenAI Ilya Sutskever announced that he is leaving the company almost 10 years after its founding.

The researcher is confident that OpenAI will create a “safe and useful AGI [общий искусственный интеллект]” under the leadership of CEO Sam Altman, President Greg Brockman and CTO Mira Murati.

Sutskever said he will be taking on a new project that has “very personal meaning” to him. He promised to share details “in due course.”

In his announcement of the researcher's resignation, Altman called him “one of the greatest minds of our generation” and praised him for his work at the company.

“Without him, OpenAI would not be what it is,” wrote the head of the laboratory.

Sutzkever's post will be taken over by Jakub Pachocki, who previously served as the company's research director. According to press releasehe led the development of the GPT-4 and OpenAI Five algorithms.

Despite praising each other in their farewell messages, Sutzkever and Altman were involved in the biggest company-related scandal of 2023.

In November, OpenAI's board of directors abruptly fired Altman due to his “lack of candor.” Because of this, Brockman also left the company.

Sutskever, then a member of the board of directors, participated in the dismissal of top managers. It was he who invited Altman and Brockman to a meeting regarding their reduction.

According to reports from the period, Altman and Sutskever often argued about how quickly OpenAI would develop and commercialize generative artificial intelligence technology.

Altman and Brockman were reinstated within five days of their dismissal, and the original board was disbanded and replaced with a new one.

Shortly before this, Sutskever expressed regret about his participation in the actions of the board of directors and promised to do everything to “reunite the company.”

He later resigned from the board of directors. Although he remained the company's chief scientific officer, the publication The New York Times reported that the researcher never returned to work.

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