In Italy this year there were 104 femicides – In 88 cases the perpetrator was a partner or relative

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Information made public by its authorities Italyreport that in the neighboring country until November 20 there were 104 femicideswhile in 88 cases the perpetrator was either a partner or a relative.

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Yes, in the last week alone, there have been ten femicidesincluding three in Rome, where three prostitutes were fatally stabbed by the same man.

Northern Italy is the highest risk region, with 56 murders of women. These figures were presented ahead of tomorrow’s international day, which is dedicated, at the initiative of the UN, to the fight against violence against women.

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In the meantime, in Italy the creation of a parliamentary committee (of both the House and the Senate) was approved which will deal with the causes and the whole phenomenon of violence against women, but also with violence connected, in general, with identity gender.

At the same time, the Italian parliament asked the government in Rome to implement effective policies to prevent and deal with domestic violence and to launch a new, broad campaign, aimed at raising awareness among men.

Meetings on workplace harassment will be organized tomorrow in Milan, while excerpts from books dealing with physical and psychological violence against women will be read in a town hall in the Italian co-capital. At the same time, new “red benches” are to be placed, which are symbolic points of complaint and awareness.

In Rome, at two o’clock in the afternoon, a march will start from the central square of Esendra, in which at least 50,000 women and men are expected to take part. Its motto, “Non una di meno”, “Not one less”, with a clear reference to the need to fight effectively and immediately, this dramatic phenomenon.

Source: News Beast

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