In the calendars the engraving of zones for aquaculture

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By George Lampiris

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Another episode seems to be added to a timing case and is related to the extension of time that is expected to be given to the deadline for the final demarcation of the integrated aquaculture development areas, known as POAY. The last extension that was given expired last November, with the result that the granting of a new one is pending, something that according to the Minister of Rural Development, Spilio Libanos, will be settled in the next bill of the Ministry of Rural Development that will go to Parliament. if this is something that was mentioned in the context of the 2nd Fisheries Conference. This practically means that the new extension will give a new deadline to the European Union, in the obligation to draw the spatial zones for aquaculture in Greece, a fact that if completed will pave the way for the consolidation of existing production units and the development of new ones, bringing at the same time investments in the country.

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We remind you that the drawing up of POAW is a case that dates back to 2011 and the initial submission of the special spatial plan, which delimited the areas of integrated development of aquaculture. There were a number of appeals against him, with the matter being referred to the Council of State, which rejected these appeals, approving the special spatial plan.

Basic issues in the files of the individual POAY

The explanation of the head of the General Directorate of Spatial Planning of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, Georgia Kotini, on the issue was typical, who noted that there are difficulties in the complexity of the legislation as well as shortcomings in the files and new information was requested. “There are bodies that have been asked to map Poseidonia, something that has not been done yet. The mayors are reacting at the social level, while submitting studies to oppose the Strategic Environmental Impact Studies for the location. The Ministry of Environment is obliged to examine these studies “, said Mrs. Kotini standing in one of the main reasons due to which the process is delayed.

For his part, the Deputy Minister for Economic Diplomacy, Costas Frangogiannis, referred in the context of the Conference, to the fact that there is an intention on the part of the government to provide grants and incentives for investment in this sector and towards the development of new units.

Turalias: I would be happy if the political will was translated into practice

However, in order for investments to come, the settlement of POAs is required. The president of the Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization (ELOPY), Apostolos Turalias, said that he would be happier if the political will was translated into action. “On the other hand, we have evaluated our mistakes, we have a strategy for what we need to do as a sector to grow and maintain growth. We are not coming to ask the government in general, but specific things to see the next day of fish farming.” .

The issue on which Mr. Touralias stood is the spatial planning. “For 10 years now, the special spatial plan for fish farming has been voted. Very soon there were objections and appeals to the CoE as it is done for everything. And it is the only sectoral spatial plan that was deemed sufficient by the CoE. “Implementation would say that we should have organized the fish farming areas by 2017. However, extensions were given until 2019 and then until November 2021 without result. So far it has not been regulated by law or until when the next extension will be.” .


Source From: Capital

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