7th EENE Economic Conference: At 14 billion the e-commerce market in Greece in 2021

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The estimate that the e-commerce market in Greece will be around 14 billion euros in 2021 was expressed by the Professor of E-Business at the Department of Management Science and Technology, School of Management, George Doukidis, speaking at the 7th EENE Economic Conference, that 5.5 million Greeks now buy online. Despite the record levels that were recorded, Professor George Doukidis stressed that there is still great room for further growth in e-commerce, giving as a reference field the 20 billion euros. The professor said that 18,000 Greek companies now have a complete and modern digital sales channel, a number that can reach 30,000 companies.

He also pointed out that for the first time in recent decades we are witnessing a great mobility and changes in the trade sector, noting among other things that the entry into the industry of young people who had no ties to the industry.

Mr. Doukidis emphasized the export opportunities offered by the digital world, especially to service companies, while he particularly focused on the excellent prospects of human resources in Greece in the wider IT sector. More than 100,000 unemployed people from the IT and technology sector (STEM), with their proper utilization and empowerment, can put Greece back on the international executive map, he said.

For his part, George Patsis, Founder & CEO, OBRELA, placed great emphasis on all aspects of security arising from the threats posed by the digital world. Two encrypted algorithms are behind the international digital economy, if violated they could collapse, he said, wanting to stress the crucial importance of programs to protect against the threats of the digital world. The boundaries between digital and real world are no longer easily distinguishable. In the digital world, there is a real war going on every day, which is not a science fiction movie, he said. He also stressed the need to adopt cybersecurity solutions in business as digital transactions now prevail. As he said from the 60 trillion. Euros of international transactions only 5 trillion. euros are made with natural money.


Source From: Capital

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