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In two weeks, Amazonas has more than 4,000 fires detected

In two weeks, the state of Amazonas recorded 4,212 fires, according to data from the National Institute for Space Research (Inpe). Even without the consolidated figure for the month of September, this is the second highest record of the year, behind only August, which totaled 5,474 fires.

The month of September is, historically, the worst month for fires in the region, due to the so-called Amazonian summer, a period with the highest temperatures and little rain, which this year is aggravated by El Niño, which further reduces cloud formation. Of rain.

On Wednesday (13), 85 fires were recorded. The day with the most outbreaks was Tuesday (5), with 1,255 in a single day.

Between July 12th and September 11th, the Amazonas Fire Department fought 1,057 fires in Amazonas. Currently, the municipalities with the biggest fire outbreaks are in the southern region of the state.

Due to the dry period in Amazonas and the increase in fires, the municipalities of Careiro Castanho and Tefé declared an emergency situation, according to the publication in the latest Official Gazette of the Municipalities of Amazonas. The city of Careiro Castanho made the emergency request for 90 days and Tefé for 180 days.

According to the Civil Defense of Amazonas, until Thursday (14), four municipalities in the state are in an emergency situation, due to the drought: Benjamin Constant and São Paulo de Oliveira, in Calha do Alto Solimões, and Envira and Itamarati, in Calha do Juruá. In total, 34 municipalities are outside normality – 23 under attention and 7 under alert.

In a note to CNN firefighters reported that teams from the Government of Amazonas and the National Force are working in the south of the state to combat fires and illegal deforestation.

Currently, 134 professionals from the Security forces and the Amazonas Environmental Protection Institute (Ipaam) are working in Tamoiotatá and Aceiro operations.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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