Incidents in Berlin during anti-health protests

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Hundreds of people, opposed to the restrictions imposed in the fight against covid-19, today defied the ban on protesting and gathered in its streets Berlin, causing incidents with the police.

The police announced that some protesters were “harassed and attacked” police officers in the Charlenemenburg district in the western part of the German capital.

“They tried to break the police cordon. “This has led to the use of tear gas, globes and hand-to-hand clashes,” the Berlin police wrote in a tweet, explaining that they had made arrests.

The demonstration was organized by the “Querdenker” movement, which appears to be the main critical voice against the health restrictions imposed in Germany.

German justice had banned many of the demonstrations scheduled for this weekend, especially today, which were to be attended by 22,500 people.

The court ruled that it could not allow the mobilizations to take place for fear that the participants would violate the rules of use of the mask and social distancing.

Berlin Police developed more than 2000 police officers across the city, in view of the forbidden demonstration.

Some protesters held placards with slogans such as “Freedom” or “No to the coronavirus dictatorship” and very few of them wore masks.

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