Increases in ferry ticket prices on certain routes

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From yesterday, Friday July 1st, the ferry companies increased the prices of the ferry tickets from 4% to 8% on average for only certain ferry itineraries and mainly from the port of Piraeus.

From the port of Rafina, the prices of individual tickets with conventional ferries to Andros, Tinos and Mykonos remain the same, as for many routes from Lavrio.

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Many shipping companies are on a wait-and-see basis, while executives of the companies report to APE-MPE that everything will depend on fuel prices in the next period, in order to make their final decisions.

However, it is advisable for passengers who are going to travel before the issuance of their ferry ticket to carry out market research through travel agencies.

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It is noted that this increase is the third that takes place in 2022.

The first took place in April 2022 and the increase in the prices of ferry tickets averaged from 10% to 12%, while the second on June 15 and ranged from 5% to 10%.

From last year to this year ferry tickets have increased by around 25% to 34%

According to data available to APE-MPE, on the Piraeus – Naxos line the individual ticket with a conventional ferry from 48 euros is 51.50 euros, increased by 7.29%, on the Piraeus – Paros line from 46 .50 euros to 50 euros, an increase of 7.53%, on the Piraeus – Patmos line from 52.50 to 55 euros, an increase of 4.76%, on the Piraeus – Rhodes line from 86.50 to 91 euros with an increase of 5, 20% and Piraeus – Ios from 50 euros to 54 with an increase of 8%.

Also on the line from Piraeus to Mykonos from 48.50 euros to 52.50 euros, marking an increase of 8.25%, on the line Piraeus – Ikaria from 54.50 euros to 58.50 euros, i.e. an increase of 7.34%. Also on the line Piraeus – Syros from 42.50 to 45.50 euros, an increase of 7.06%.

From the port of Rafina the price of the individual ticket with the conventional ferry remains unchanged at 25 euros, also the same from Rafina to Tinos the price here also remains at the same levels and specifically at 35 euros as well as the price from Rafina to Mykonos with the conventional ship at 38 euros.

It is noted that the increase in the price of marine fuel has shot up the operating costs of a coastal shipping vessel to 70% of its operating costs from 40% a year ago. The oil tonnage of VLSFO fuel, which is a low-sulphur fuel used in vessels that have not installed scrubbers, continues its upward trend. 11 days ago its price on the international market was at $1,264 per ton, while yesterday July 1st it touched $1,289.25 per ton, marking an increase of 1.98%.

“The problem of punctuality is a global problem, it is not so much of coastal shipping or just coastal shipping. We know very well even after the global energy crisis how much every Greek household is suffering. The government has been trying recently with targeted interventions and with measures over 6 billion euros in fuel energy sectors to deal with the issue. But in any case, every euro we can allocate for the support of Greek society we will do so,” said the Minister of Shipping Yannis Plakiotakis, speaking to a television station.

He also added that shipping in the last three years has really suffered, while referring to the significant increase in funds for barren lines from 90 million euros in 2019 to 130 million euros in 2021, 2022 and 2023, which made it possible for launching more ships and new lines. Regarding whether there will be another increase in ferry tickets in the summer, he stressed that everything will depend on the course of the energy crisis, pointing out that the government is trying to deal with the situation.

Source: RES-MPE

Source: Capital

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