The “most touching” portrait of Princess Diana is on display in London

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Gaze low, thoughtful, and as always full of charm: it says many things the portrait of Princess Diana which is located at Philip Mold & Company’s gallery from London. He is the absolute protagonist of an exhibition that goes on until 6 July entitled “Masterpiece” that celebrates the icons of feminine glamor and that, just in the days in which she would have turned 61, tells all the beauty and at the same time the disturbances ofbeloved princess of the people. For art critics, in fact, it is “The most touching of all” among the works dedicated to her.

The artist made it Nelson Shanks in 1994three years before Diana’s tragic death in Paris, and two years after her divorce from Prince Charles, as she struggled to rebuild her life.

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Show the princess in a moment of profound introspectionvery elegant in a low-cut dress in green velvet by Catherine Walker which she wore in a June 1997 shoot photographed by Mario Testino for Vanity Fair. A dress that made the history of fashion, and that was also part of an exhibition on Diana’s fashion legacy at Kensington Palace.

It is extraordinarily rare for an artist to simultaneously capture the public and private character of a real┬╗Declared the gallery owner Philip Mold. “Shank’s sketch uniquely blends Diana’s glamor with her moving pathos in her later years.”

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In fact, the work is one preparatory sketch of an official portrait which now stands at Althorp House, one of the Spencer family estates in Northamptonshire. In fact, the painter Nelson Shanks spent a lot of time with the princess, and not just for work: Diana was very happy to go to her study, she was also very close to his wife Leona. In a letter she wrote: “I miss you and Leona in London, because coming to the studio was a safe haven, so full of support and love“. Not a small detail, which certainly contributed to making the work even more realistic.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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