Independence of the PF is the subject of debate among jurists on CNN

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In a debate held by CNN This Thursday (23), former Minister of Justice José Eduardo Cardozo and constitutional lawyer Samantha Meyer analyzed whether the arrest of the former Minister of Education Milton Ribeiro for the practice of influence peddling and corruption reveals the independence of the Federal police (PF) in the government of Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

Also this Thursday, the institution opened a procedure to investigate possible interference in the investigations against Ribeiro.

The PF manifested itself after the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper reported that delegate Bruno Calandrini, responsible for the investigation against Ribeiro, sent a message to colleagues saying that the investigation had been “harmed” because of a “different treatment” given to the former. -minister.

“Considering rumors of possible interference in the execution of Operation Acesso Pago and aiming to guarantee the autonomy and functional independence of the Federal Police Chief, as guaranteed by Law No. of interference, seeking the total clarification of the facts”, said the PF in the note.

José Eduardo Cardozo says that the accusation is “serious and serious”. “I hope that the PF and the leadership appointed by Bolsonaro make a serious inquiry, because the accusation is serious, it is serious. Has there been any kind of leak previously? Was there any kind of informative selectivity that could benefit something?”, asks the former minister.

Samantha Meyer, in turn, does not believe in the thesis that there was interference in the operation, but defends that there is always an investigation. “I think that every investigation and every opening for investigation is always beneficial. I think that within a democratic regime, public administration should always be guided by the principle of transparency. I understand that it is important to investigate. This rumor is bad for the President of the Republic, for the Federal Police and for democracy,” she argues.

Watch the full debate in the video above

Source: CNN Brasil

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