Ángela Aguilar rejects the “money” that her fans gave her in a TikTok live

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The regional singer Ángela Aguilar is a young woman who at her young age has achieved great success, because from her first performance, when she was just nine years old, next to her father Pepe Aguilar, she showed her great talent and catapulted herself to fame. Also, no one was surprised that she recorded her first solo album some time after her. first i’m mexican, showing us once again his powerful voice. For these reasons, the press has closely followed her career and the small scandals in which she has been involved, although the singer has managed to cope with them at 18 years of age.

He recently caused a stir when on his TikTok account he wanted to make a live with his followers, trying to live a fun, close and comfortable moment with them. However, some of those present began to send him “roses”, a reaction that the social network includes so that users can monetize their videos through gifts.

Angela Aguilar

However, Angela asked the viewers to stop doing it, since she was not looking for profit, there was only the live to live with them. The gifts continued to arrive and the young interpreter did not know how to deactivate the option and stop the “donations” and even asked her sister for assistance while she insisted to the public that she stop.

Some opinions cited her reaction as false, while others have described it as a funny event seeing that the artist did not know how to configure her account. It should be noted that in addition to being talented, the artist’s career is growing, so she does not need to monetize her social networks.


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