India: He killed his colleague because he called him gay – His son was an accomplice

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Its police authorities of India announced that they arrested a father and his son for the alleged murder former partner of the former, who spread rumors that the father is homosexual.

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The two suspects, Suresh Kumar and his son Raj Kumar, are accused of also dumping his body near a highway in Nooch, India.

According to Times of IndiaKumar told the police that he made the decision to set up the murder with his son considering that his former colleague had aimed to defame him throughout the local community by calling him gay at his workplace.

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Local police found the body of a man, identified as 35-year-old Sobir, abandoned near Guspaiti village located near the highway.

Sobir was working along with Suresh Kumar as a driver for a private company, authorities said. Previously, he was associated with a relative of Kumar who allegedly told him that Kumar is gay.

Since then, the perpetrator said, the victim began mocking him in public to the point where he was forced to quit his job five months ago. About a month ago, he got a job as a driver in another company in the city, but again, he claims, Sobir visited his workplace and told everyone he was gay.

This led him to hatch a plan with his son to get revenge on him. Father and son told police they forcibly took Sobir into a car, pelted him with stones and strangled him, before dumping his body and fleeing the scene.

India still lags behind in terms of LGBTI+ rights and equality, however, in recent years it has made progress.

Source: News Beast

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