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Infallible rules for a perfect color at home

Miriam Leone, who we will see in the role of Eva Kant on the big screen in the film Diabolik (finally) coming on December 16, she posted a selfie on Instagram in which platinum blonde appears as the character she plays in the cinema: “Eva if I’m blonde is just for you … »Begins the long caption of the natural born ginger.

Across the ocean too Gigi Hadid she makes us dream with her hair: to promote the new fashion collaboration with H&M, the model now appears with long, full fringe and a slightly different shade from the flaming red she had accustomed us to in recent times. For her, born very blond, a colder auburn tint and natural that it goes to enhance even more the porcelain skin and light eyes.

New color and regrowth to cover: at home as at the hairdresser

Of course by watching the color changes of celebs we are seized by an irrepressible desire to change nuance. Especially if our hue has bored us or appears gray and dull. During the lockdown many, given the closure of the trusted hairdressers, have refined the subtle art of DIY dye, not only to try to dare nuances that were even inoperable up to that moment, but also to remedy the unstoppable regrowth. So, if we do not have time or desire to make an appointment at the hairdresser and we rely on ourselves to touch up colors or extreme makeover, however, we must be sure that we are following the right path. Otherwise, mess lurking, sir

«Even if the advice is always to rely on a professional, however if you need to cover the regrowth at home you should always choose an oxidation color that is very similar to the previous one you did color shades. This is because you cannot vary the color simply with a dye, so just to retouch, choose the color closest to the previous one you did in the salon. My advice is, therefore, to work with oxidation color only on retouching the regrowth», Explains Davide Teami, International Education & Product Testing Manager of the Echosline brand, specialized in Professional Hair Care that embraces the vegan philosophy, preferring the concept of less is more. “Lengths and ends can, on the other hand, be revived through colored masks that do not mix with oxygen but which recharge the reflection of the lengths and contribute at the same time to the restructuring of the hair”.

What if we have a lot of white hair?

And ok, we know that now you are no longer afraid to show them, but if you really can’t see with the White hair, what to do if we have many? «For root retouching, the percentage of white hair must be taken into consideration because it influences the choice of color type that will be made. If there are many, it is necessary start with the application of the color in front then proceed towards the nape of the neck. This is because the action of the color is stronger as soon as it is mixed and facilitates the coverage of gray hair », Teami specifies. «Then leave the color on, always following the time suggested on the package. In case of a lot of gray hair to cover I suggest leaving it 5/10 minutes longer than the indicator shutter speed. Generally 20 volumes is the best hydrogen peroxide for most situations because it lightens and colors in a balanced way. In particular cases, or where the natural regrowth is to be lightened a lot, 30 volumes is recommended “.

«It is important to remember when coloring at home, finally, that the skin does not need to be clean when the color is applied, therefore always wait two or three days from the last shampoo before applying the color. At the time of rinsing gloves must always be worn and emulsify the color delicately, rinse well and apply the specific shampoo. Afterwards proceed with the colored masks with a conditioning effect to obtain a more vibrant color on the lengths ». All ready then to brand new heads, perhaps in view of the holidays. And do we want to give the satisfaction of taking all the credit?

In the gallery some proposals for do-it-yourself hair coloring and reflecting masks.

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