Infant feeding increased by 57.12% in the first five months of this year

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Essential foods in the children’s diet have already increased by 57.12% in this year 2022 alone. CNN based on the latest release of the Broad Consumer Price Index (IPCA), released this Thursday (9) by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), shows that items such as fruits, baby food, milk and animal protein had significant increase in price.

In addition to the economic impact, the contribution of these foods plays an essential role in children’s health. Nutritionist Diego Motta, specializing in clinical and family nutrition, says that in this age group, special attention must be paid to the nutrients they need to consume.

“Children are in a phase of growth, both physically and in the nervous system. The deficit of some vitamins and proteins can cause serious damage to them, such as learning difficulties. Another very affected point is the immune system, since food is directly linked to immunity.”, she explains.

The expert points out that in addition to the foods mentioned, children have a need for protein consumption, such as red meat, fish and chicken. But these products follow the same upward trend in prices.

According to the IBGE, in 2022 alone, duckling, a type of meat cut, grew 6.54%. Fish such as croaker, hake and tilapia registered an increase of 2.18%, 4.54% and 2.9%, respectively.

“All foods are expensive, but I think the best value for money at the moment is chicken, and duckling, which is a lean meat. And red meat is also rich in B complex, and has more iron, which is important to avoid anemia or neurological complications”, evaluates the nutritionist.

Fruits, essential as sources of vitamins, have already accumulated a high of 8.32% this year. Only in the last IBGE release, the highlights were the plantain (14.27%), mango (13.62) and strawberry (13.24%).

The nutritionist also gives a suggestion to circumvent the price: consume more seasonal fruits. In addition to the financial benefit, for Motta, fruits produced in the appropriate period have less pesticides.

The infant food category, which encompasses specific industrialized products for children, recorded a 17.97% increase in prices in 2022. Long-life milk, common in children’s food, accumulates a high of 25.74% this year. Already the powdered milk, grew 5.09%.

Source: CNN Brasil

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