Inflation recorded by the IPC-S has a high of 0.76% in the quadrissemana, points out FGV

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The Weekly Consumer Price Index (IPC-S), released this Wednesday (23), by the Brazilian Institute of Economics of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV Ibre) presents a high of 0.76% in the third quadrissemana of June.

Over the last 12 months, the institute’s inflation indicator has accumulated 10.41%.

This time, seven of the eight classes of expenses showed a decrease in the variation. For Paulo Picchetti, a researcher at Ibre, the rates for the quadrissemana and the 12-month period are high and have a decisive impact on the family budget.

“That’s pretty high inflation for a four-week issue, even more so given that it’s not the result of pressure from a few villains. It is a generalized rise in prices that runs through virtually all groups in the index. It has an impact, it is very significant on the consumer’s pocket, as it affects the various items normally consumed”, points out Picchetti.

The economist also highlights that the problem is more serious in the current scenario, in which wages do not follow price changes, which results in a loss of purchasing power.

The food group was the only one that showed an increase in the rate of change, compared to the previous week: it went from 0.70% to 1.01%.

The biggest deceleration occurred in the education, reading and recreation group, which changed from 3.44% to 2.76%. In this class, the biggest contribution to the fall came from airline tickets: it went from 15.9% to 12.64%.

“In the group, the greatest individual weight is the increase in airline tickets. This is a reflection of the resumption of travel, with increased demand after the pandemic made most trips unfeasible. At the same time, fuel, an essential input in this sector, has been suffering a systematic price increase”, concludes the economist.

The other six groups that showed deceleration are; transport (from 0.30% to 0.11%), housing (0.79% to 0.62%), clothing (1.94% to 1.47%), miscellaneous expenses (0.61% to 0, 28%), health and personal care (0.72% to 0.59) and communication (-0.23% to -0.49%).

* Under supervision of Stéfano Salles

Source: CNN Brasil

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